How Hindu Women Tackle Those who Make Advances! (Post No.4509)

WRITTEN by London Swaminathan 


Date: 17 DECEMBER 2017 


Time uploaded in London-  19-10



Post No. 4509

Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.



There are one or two episodes or couplets which show how Hindu women of the old world tackled men who made advances. Those were the days when women don’t even stand in front of men, leave alone talking. They did it out of modesty, shyness and the tradition of the land.


If some men approach a woman amorously or sexually now, she will threaten him with words and then warn him that she would call the police or at least raise alarm. They may even scold the men as b****ds. But in those days women never speak a single word in front of unknown men.


Look at the couplet in Chanakya Niti where a middle- aged woman tackled a man who made overtures to her:


A young man asks a middle -aged woman: he addresses her in chuckle “ Oh You Young beauty!  Why are you looking down? What of yours has fallen down on the earth?”

The middle-aged woman knew his intentions. So she gave him a fitting reply:

“Oh You fool! You do not know; The pearl in the form of my youth has fallen (I am looking for it)”.

She indirectly told him that she cannot neither entertain people like him nor he would find anything interesting in her because her charm is already gone.

–from Chanaya Niti, chapter 17 last sloka

adhah pasyasi kim bale patitam tava kim bhuvi

re re muurksha na jaanaasi gatam taarunya mauktikam




Ramayana Painting on the Wall

Gata Sapta Sati in Prakrit language, has 700 couplets mostly dealing with sex, family life, Illicit intimacy and love.

There is an interesting couplet; it was composed by Salivahan (GSS 1-35)

A newly married couple set up a family; but her husband had gone out on a business trip. Brother in law stepped into her house and eyed on her; she knew he was trying to make advances. He came for romance. She is newly married and even if she tells the truth to anyone no one is going to believe her. Even her husband may criticise her for accusing his own brother.


Thank god, a Ramayana painting on the wall of the house came to her rescue. Lakshmana, Rama’s brother was famous for maintaining chastity and integrity in the 14 year stay in the jungle with his brother Rama and sister in law Sita. Ramayana says that he never looked at Sita’s face and he knew only her holy feet with the toe rings. This painting was on the wall.

This newly married lady, looking at the picture, started telling the story of Lakshmana to her brother in law who came with amorous thoughts. Th way she praised Lakshmana for never looking at the face his sister n law conveyed the message very strongly. She made it very clear that she was not his cup of tea.


Hindu women who never talk about sex or love to men, have their own way of conveying the message!  They are born clever in such matters!



God came in the form of Prostitute!

I used to attend Bhajans every Saturday with my father and mother in Madurai (Tamil Nadu, India). One night a beautiful Bhajan singer (i.e. a male with a beautiful voice) narrated an incident. He neither felt shame nor any hesitation in narrating it to us. Like Mahatma Gandhi admitting his childish mistakes (smoking secretly etc) to his father, he admitted in front of 20 to 25 Bhajan singers. Despite the holy atmosphere, during the Prasad distribution, he told us this:

Once I had some sexual urge and I went to a woman’s house, who was notorious for her bad behaviour. Knowing that I went for sex. But as soon as I entered her house she brought both here hands together to give me a big Namaste, saying ‘oh , holy singer! I have listened to your beautiful Bhajans now and then; God has given you a great gift. I am not that fortunate. Please take a seat. I will bring you some water and food. I will be blessed if you eat something in this poor woman’s house. As soon as I heard her words, all my sexual urge had disappeared. Then I pretended that I was looking for some address of XYZ and by mistake came into her house. Once again she heaped all the praises on me and I slipped out of the house without anybody seeing me. On that day God came to me in the guise of a prostitute and warned me not to entertain such thoughts. This was a great lesson.”


If you constantly think of God, even if you want to go astray he wouldn’t allow you to go bad.

Here the woman knew that he came with bad intentions, but she did not want to spoil him and tacked him in her own way!


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