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Pagan Gods

According to a story told by Roy Chapman Andrews, the famous explorer, the Living Buddha of Mongolia, a personage only a stage less exalted than the Great Lama of Tibet, was a man of original ideas. One of the regular ceremonies of his office was the laying on of hands to many worshippers and lesser priests who came daily for his blessings. The Buddha conceived a mass blessing. He had a small American Delco generator in his palace. This he rigged up with a wire stretching down a long area way. The many pilgrims would line up clutching the wire and each received a memorable blessing as the Living Buddha threw the switch by his throne.

Dr Andrews was invited to partake of the blessing, which courtesy he could not refuse. He reports that the shock nearly knocked him over.



Atheists and Agnostics Anecdotes

The noted agnostic Colonel Robert Ingersoll, during a visit with Henry Ward Beecher, noted a beautiful globe portraying the constellations and stars of the heavens.

This is just what I have been looking for, he said after examining it. Who made it?

Repeated Beecher in simulated astonishment,

Why Colonel, nobody made it; it just happened.



Doubtful Agnostic!!

Someone once charged David Hume , the agnostic, being inconsistent because he went to hear the orthodox, Scotch minister, John Brown.

Hume replied, “I don’t believe all that he says, but he does. And once a week I like to hear a man who believes what he says”.



Sculptor Recognised his God!

A Portuguese SCULPTOR, upon his death bed, had a crucifix placed before his eyes by a confessor, who said,

“Behold the god whom you have so much offended.”

“Do you recollect him now?”

“Alas! Yes, Father”, replied the dying man.

“It was I who made him”.




Permission only to Ingersoll!

When Philips brooks was recovering from an illness, and was denying himself for all visitors, Robert G Ingersoll , the agnostic called. The bishop called him at once.

I appreciate this very much, said Mr Ingersoll, but why do you see me when you deny yourself to your friends?


It is this way, said the bishop, I feel confident of seeing my friends in the next world, but this may be my last chance of seeing you



Did a whale swallow Jonah?

Once while addressing an open air meeting, an atheist asked Bishop Carpenter f he believed that Jonah was swallowed by the whale.

When I get to heaven, I will ask Jonah , said his lordship.

But supposing, the other persisted, he is not there?

Then you will have to ask him,was the quick retort.


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  1. Atheism and Agnosticism in the West have mainly been reactions to Christian theology and world view. Everything that Christian doctrine upholds as the basis of their faith has been shown to be unscientific : world created in 7 days, world created in 6006 BC, earth being the centre of the universe, etc. So, atheism and agnosticism have been growing in the West with the advance of science.
    In the wake of colonialism, both Christianity and Western atheism and agnosticism have spread across the world. This has had the unfortunate effect of painting even non-Christian religions with the same brush.
    The Western arguments against God or religion do not apply to Indian religions. Buddha is generally taken to be agnostic. But the truth seems to be that he was not interested in the subject of God at all; his aim was to make man work for his own liberation or Nirvana. The Jains have a strong ascetic tradition, and at a popular level, have accepted some Deities of the Hindu pantheon , while this is not essential to their tradition. Hindus of course range from the grossest fetishism to the subtlest and sublime Vedanta.( as Vivekananda pointed out.) So far, no scientific discovery has negated the Hindu philosophy or insights. On the contrary, particle physics comes nearest to explaining Hindu world view as Fritjof Capra has shown in his book “Tao of Physics.”

    On the whole, the Indic ( India born dharmic ) traditions strive to transcend the cycle of birth and death, sorrow and suffering. These cannot be identified with or confined to any one approach as THE only valid approach , as full freedom is granted to the individual in matters of personal faith and practice. Thus it would appear that the Western ideas of atheism and agnosticism are largely irrelevant to India born religions. It is therefore rather amusing when our atheists try to repeat the mainly anti-Christian atheistic ideas in the Indian context.

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