English Collector saw Lord Rama in Madurantakam! (Post No.4831)

Written by London Swaminathan 



Date: 19 MARCH 2018



Time uploaded in London – 13-59


Post No. 4831

Pictures shown here are taken by London swaminathan





There years ago I wrote in this blog an article about Lord Rama giving Darshan to an English collector and a Muslim ruler. From that day I wanted to visit the temple and see the lord for myself. In the first week of March,2018, I and my brother drove to Madurantakam where there is a vast sea like lake. Though the temple is relatively small, it is famous because of Lord Rama’s appearance.


Priest Aramuthan explained to us the incident and asked us to visit the Manadap where there is an inscription regarding this. We saw it and I took some photographs. It is said that the collector reconstructed Sita’s shrine as well. She is called Janakavalli. When you read such anecdotes, you admire it; but when you see it it gives thrill and excitement. We become more devoted to Lord Rama.


I saw some old temple drums and some modern paintings in the Anjaneya temple opposite the main shrine.

Madurantakam is in Kanchipuram district. One can reach it within two hours from Chennai/Madras. The distance between the tow places is approximately 80 kilometres/50 miles.

I wrote in this blog four anecdotes about God’s love for his devotees where I explained how an English Collector and a Muslim Ruler saw Lord Rama. See below my three year old post.

Post No 1948

Written by London swaminathan

Date: 22 June 2015

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British Collector who saw Lord Rama

During the British rule, Colonel Lionel Place was the collector of Chengalpattu District near Chennai. Madurantakam, a nearby town has a huge lake. Every year the monsoon rains filled the lake and many a time it overflew or its banks breached. During his collectorship between 1795 and 1799, Col. Lionel Place Durai camped there to oversee the repairing of the banks.


When he saw big granite pillars in the famous ancient Rama temple he told that it could be used for strengthening the banks of the lake. The priests objected to the proposal saying that Rama would protect the town. But the collector insisted that if God could protect the lake why it breached several times. But he wanted to wait and see what happens in the next few days’ rain. The lake was full to the brim. Worried collector was supervising the banks at the dead of night. Suddenly he saw a flash of light and there stood two people with bow and arrow walking on the banks of the lake. The rain also stopped and nothing untoward happened. The collector knew that it was Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana who were guarding the lake. He had seen those pictures in the local temple. Collector Place’s name is in the inscription in the temple and the temple was renamed as Eri Kaatha Ramar in Tamil meaning ‘Rama who protected the Lake’– temple. It is on record that Col. Place along with Robert Clive had donated jewellery to the temples in that area including Kancheepuram.


Collector Lionel Place

Drums in the temple


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