Proverbs on God (Post No.5138)



Date: 22 JUNE 2018


Time uploaded in London –  18-51  (British Summer Time)


Post No. 5138


Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.

1.Man proposes, God disposes
The greatness of the Almighty is beyond the ken of one’s comprehension

acintaniiyo mahimaa paresithuh- Kahaavatratnaakar (Sanskrit).


Who can comprehend the ways of God?- viramaorvasiiya of Kalidas

ko devata rahasyaani tarkayisyati


Tamil also has this proverb—Thaan ondru ninaikka Deivam ondru ninaikkum

2.God helps them that help themselves


God is the right hand of the diligent.


nityam prayatammaanaanaam sahaayah paraleswarah

3.God hath leaden feet but iron hands

Tamil- Arasan Andre Kolvaan, Deivam nindru kollum

God pays back the dimwit in his own coin

devopi mandaaya dadaati mandam

4.God provides for him that trusteth


Those devoted to Narayana know no fear

naraayanaparaah sarve no kutacana bibhyati -Bhagavata Purana


Never does anyone who does good, tread the path of woe- Bhagavad Gita 6-40


na hi kalyaanakrt kascid durgatim taata gachchati – BG 6-40

My devotee perishes neve- Bhagavad Gita 9-31

na me bhakta pranasyati -9-31

5.God shapes the back for the burden


What is impossible for the Creator?

Dhaaruh kim naama durghatam- Brhat kathaa Manjari

6.God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb


Nectar turns into poison and poison turns into nectar, if the Lord so chooses- Raguvamsa of Kalidasa


visamapyammrtam kvacidbhavedamrtam vaa visamiisvarecchayaa

7.Gods mill grind s slow but sure
Tamil- Arasan Andre Kolvaan, Deivam Nindru Kollum
Lord Krishna gave 99 chances to criticise him. When he did it for 100th time he was done away with.

8.When need is highest, God’s help is nighest

Draupadi was helped by Lord Krishna;


Elephant Gajendra was helped by Lord Vishnu;


Prahlada was helped by Narasimha;


With the Lord’s grace, the negative traits convert into positives -Subhasita Ratnabhandaagaara


9.Whom god would ruin, he first deprives of reason
Vinasa kale Vipareeta Buddhi

Samsayaatmaa vinasyati – BG 4-40

Doubting Thomasses perish

10.Every man for himself, and god for us all 
Tamil- Dikkatravarkku Deivamee Thunai


What is impossible with the unfailing benediction of the gods?- Kathaa sarit saagara


Four kinds of people worship me: the distressed, seeker of wealth, the wise and the seeker of knowledge; the wise is dear to me.- BG 7-16

11.There is no going to heaven in a sedan
God’s will is formidable- Mahabharata
12.Ye cannot serve god and mammon


No ills of life ever touch those that alone cling to the feet of Him who is beyond the world of likes and dislikes

13.Short prayers rise up to heaven


The power of God is so great that it opens doors everywhere- Ramayana manjari

14.Bells call other’s but themselves enter not into the church


Not the fishes in holy Ganges go to heaven- Ramakrishna Paramahamdsa
15.The nearer the church the farther from the God


The head which bows not at the feet of God of eight attributes is as worthless as organs which do not perform their proper functions -Tirukkural -9

16.Like priest like people

Lord Krishna says that people follow good people in the Bhagavad Gita

Whatever action a great man performs common man follows- BG 3-21

17.He that would learn to pray let him go to sea.
Deeds, good or evil, that spring from darkness shall not affect those who gloriously sing the praise of theLord – Tiruvalluvar, Kural 5


Lord Krishna also say that those who are in trouble pray to him in Bhagavad Gita (Sea Travel is such a difficult one)


18.Faith can remove mountains 


Padmapada walked on water when his Guru Adi Shankara called him from the other side of the Ganges

Dumb becomes eloquent and lame cross the mountains with the grace of God- Muka Kavi


Muukam Karoti vaachaalam, Pankum langrte Girim


19.The just shall live by faith

Truth is dear to God


Isvarah satyavaak praiyah- Kahaavatratnaakar



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