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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Wikipedia, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks. Pictures may be subject to copyright laws.


Hero stones are found throughout India. They are erected to honour those who lost their lives in protecting the community or saving the country. Even a dog has a hero stone in Tamil Nadu because it heroically fought with a tiger and save the people.

Sangam Tamil literature refers to hero stones and so we know that it has been the practice for at least 2000 years; but unfortunately we have not discovered very ancient ones. The ones we know now are from sixth or seventh century.

Hero(ine) stones are erected for women who lost their lives by climbing their husband’s funeral pyre. Rajasthan and Karnataka have such stones with had symbols. In short Super Men were celebrated in Bharat from very early days.

Though we don’t come across much in Sanskrit literature about Hero Stones, we know that Brahmin families even today bury a stone after the ten day ceremony in a garden or the backyard of the house. Perhaps in ancient days it was a big one. Now they just bury it in the crematorium or the place where the ceremonies are done.

One feature about the hero stones is that they are revered as gods or goddesses. Sangam Tamil literature is very clear about the Pujas done to you with flowers etc.


Several Tamil Hero Stones became Village Gods. We are fortunate to have two sets of Hero stones describing in pictures and words the ancient sea battles. One set of Stones is in Goa Museum and another set of six stones is in Eksar in Mumbai. It is one mile from Borivili station. But latest press reports say that some of the stones are missing. People in the village worship it as Goddess Boradevi. They are between four and eight feet high and intricately carved with ships and warriors.


After some historical awareness, people have discovered over 100 hero stones in Maharashtra. They are already well known in Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Karnataka.


The old Goa hero stones are from the Kadamba rulers who ruled for 400 years from CE 950.

Great Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar says in Tamil Veda Tirukkural that human beings who lead a virtuous life are considered Gods.

“A man who leads an ideal life in this world,

will be ranked amongst the Gods in the heaven”- Kural 50


Sea Battle

Moti Chandra in his book Ancient Trade Routes has given full details about the six stones found in Eksar. But there are different opinions about the identity of the king in the stones. One researcher says it was the battle between Yadava king Mahadevan and Silhara King Someswara as described by Hemadri Pandit in his work Chaturvarga Chintamani. Others think it wass a battle between the Kadambas and Silahara kings. Since the inscriptions on the stones are unreadable we don’t know the names for sure.


Another strange thing about these Eksar stones is they are called Veera Gal ( a mixture of Sanskrit and Tamil words Veera+ Kal)

Now it becomes essential to collect all the details and publish them in an Encyclopaedia of Hero Stones.


I am giving below the descriptions of six stones as found in Moti Chnadra’s book:-





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