English cross word 8-1-2019 (Post No.5902)

Written by London swaminathan


Date: 8 JANUARY 2019
GMT Time uploaded in London –19-15
Post No. 5902
Pictures shown here are taken from various sources including google, Wikipedia, Facebook friends and newspapers. This is a non- commercial blog.

Find at least 8 words from Hindu History and Religion


1. Name of Musical Veda; name of a raga; one of the four methods suggested by statemen of ancient India;with short sound equal.

4. Vedic goddess ofspecch; meaning word

6.– medicine man in Sanskrit; also means treatment

7. – Name of a King of solar dynasty; means  Brahma; ; also goat in Sanskrit lessons

8.– means actor in Sanskrit dramas, natya sastra; from which the word for drama or dance  came in Indian languages


2. – City in Haryana with cantonment and Air Force base; famous for cloth industry; name came from a Rajput who founded it or from Mangoes.

3. – attention, focus in Sanskrit; even Sri Lankan Tamils use this word in day to day language

5. -a caste name; writers caste; Swami Vivekananda’s caste ( one last letter a is missed to fit in the space.

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