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Date: 2 FEBRUARY 2019
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A Hindu Story in Sumerian Civilization | Tamil and Vedas



11 May 2014 – 2) Bringing Soma herbs from the remotest Himalayan mountains to Vedic sages to perform Somayaga. … Sanskrit words such as Tiamath, Sumukhan,Azigi, Vizigi (snake gods) in Sumeria can be explained only through Vedic literature. … The story of Garuda (eagle) and Amrita is in Hindu …

Double Headed Eagle: Sumerian-Indian Connection | Tamil and Vedas



18 Dec 2011 – There are striking similarities between the Indian and Sumerian civilizations. One of them is the use of the Double Headed Eagle as a royal …

Why did Sumeria and Egypt worship Indra? | Tamil and Vedas



14 Sep 2014 – This article gives more proof to show that Indra was worshipped as God in Egypt, Sumer and Greece. Indra referred to a title is confirmed by …

Rig Vedic King and Sumerian King 2600 BCE! | Tamil and Vedas


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14 Nov 2014 – Sumerian king list has two kings with the name Dumuzi. … Since Sumerians are considered migrants from a foreign country by many scholars, …

3000 Gods in Mesopotamia! Similar to Hindus!! – Speaking Tree › Blogs


19 Sep 2014 – There are some amazing similarities between the Hindus and Mesopotamians ( covering Sumer, Babylonia) in the number of Gods and …


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