DOCTOR JOKES (Post No.6602)

Compiled   by london swaminathan

Date: 26 June 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London –15-4

Post No. 6602

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Greedy Cleaning Woman

“I reckon you get paid  right handsome for looking after the rich Johnson boy”, observed the cleaning woman to the doctor.

“Why, yes, I get pretty good fees”, he replied somewhat amused.

“Why do you ask?”

“I just hope you wont forget that it was my boy who threw the brick that hi him”.


My patient dies only ……………………………..

A physician was talking over some of his cases with a layman friend. A bit maliciously the friend remarked, Say doctor, I hear that man you treated for a liver  ailment died of a heart attack.”

Outraged at this slur against his professional skill, the doctor shouted, “see here, my good man, when I treat someone for liver trouble, he dies of liver trouble”.


Foolish advice !

A patient going to a doctor for his first visit was asked ,

“And whom did you consult before  coming to me?”

“Only one village druggist” was the answer.

“And what sort o foolish advice did the numbskull give you?”, said the doctor, his tone and manner denoting contempt for the advice of the layman.

“Oh”, replied his patient , with no malice aforethought ,”he told me to come and see you”.


Kreplach fear

A Jewish mother was much distressed over the problem of her young son who was afraid to eat the popular dish known as kreplach. She took the boy to a psychiatrist for consultation After hearing the case , the doctor said,

“Now , Madam, It is very simple. Take the boy home, take him out in the kitchen, and show him the ingredients that go into the dish. And then, show him how the kreplach is mad. This should probably eliminate the condition.

Hopefully the mother followed his advice. On the kitchen table she put out a small square of dough beside which was a small mound of prepared chopped meat..

Now, she said, there is nothing here you should  mind.

The lad beamed and nodded encouragingly.

The mother then put the meat in the center of the dough and folded over one corner. The boy smiled and all   seemed to be going well. She folded over the second corner  and the third. The boy was nodding and the experiment seemed to be progressing  most favourably.  Then she folded over the fourth and final corner; whereupon the boy groaned and muttered , “Oi,Kreplach!”.

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