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Date: 12 OCTOBER 2019
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  1. This raises many thoughts.
    How far do the Vietnamese Hindus really follow Hindu religious tenets? Do the maintain any living contacts with the land of their origin? Do Hindus of India maintain any living touch with them?
    India before the Muslim invasions was a vast land- extending from beyond the west of Iran to the countries of South East Asia. But over the years, it has shrunk. The Hindus and Buddhists of those lands have been forcibly converted to Islam. They were not reclaimed, first since Hinduism did not believe in such a step, nor did it make any organised attempt; secondly because Islam does not allow conversion from their faith- those who leave it are killed.
    Indian Hindus do not care for the Hindus living in other countries- like the bonded labourers who were taken by the British to work in rubber, tea, sugarcane plantations in other countries. This is because, Hindus lack a central organization, they lack a comprehensive vision, they lack missionary zeal. Above all, they have no real political power. Indian government is secular, which in effect means anti-Hindu, and pro foreign religions. They do not care for the fate of Hindus abroad- even though they are basically Indians. When Pakistan was created, it had 23% Hindus in its population- they were trapped there; Congress leaders were greedy for power, and did nothing to protect or safeguard their interests. Today, Hindus are less than 3% in Pakistan. What has happened to them? Govt of India does not care. Hindus of India do not care. After all, they do not care for the Hindus thrown away from Kashmir. The same fate has befallen Hindus in Bangladesh. Congress leaders including Gandhiji were living in fools’ paradise- they did not realise that Islam does not believe in protection of minorities or others who are kaffirs. Hindus left there in Pakistan were literally thrown to wolves. This is happening even now.
    Contrast this with the Chinese attitude. China does care for ethnic Chinese anywhere in the world. That is why even the mighty US cannot wag its tail against the Chinese. Anyone could do research in Sanskrit in any damn university in the US and obtain Ph.D . That is not required to be verified or whetted by a traditional scholar from India who knows Sanskrit well. But no one can get a Ph.D. in Mandarin unless it is approved by an ethnic Chinese scholar. Why this discrimination? Because China is powerful and perceived to be so, while India is spineless and pliable.
    Now, China is spreading Mandarin in South East Asia. Since there is considerable ethnic Chinese presence in this area, the whole area is slowly becoming a cultural colony of China- its sphere of Influence is growing. That of India is shrinking! At this rate, the remaining traces of Hinduism and India in these lands may disappear or be obliterated in the course of time.

    This does not come as a surprise to those who have read Samuel Huntington’s fascinating book ” The Clash of Civilizations”. Perhaps the only disappointment is that India has not realised that it is a Civilization, not just a country, though great historians like Toynbee and Huntington have treated it as a civilization.

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