Delwara (Dilwara) Jain Temple at Mt Abu in Rajasthan

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 22 NOVEMBER 2019

Time  in London – 15-31

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Queens and Princesses- Part 2

1.Mayanalla or Minaladevi was the daughter of Jeyakeshin, King of Kadamba Dynasty in Karnataka. Her son was Siddharaja Jayasimha, 1094-1143 CE. She is known from records as a ruler.

She was the mother of Bala Mularaha. When Ghuri Mohammed invaded Gujarat, Mularaja was a child . Keeping him on her lap Naikidevi fought and defeated the invaders.

3.Anupama of Gujarat

Like Kuntavai inspired Rajaraja to build the grandest temple in Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu, Anupama inspired her husband Tejapaala to build the famous Delaware temple on Mt Abu (Rajasthan). Tejapaala and Vastupala were brothers and shrewd politicians. Many famous temples of Gujarat were built by the Pala brothers. Anupama advised them in running the administration.

(Wikipedia add:–Vastupala was married to Lalita and Vayajalladevi (or Sokhuka or Saukhyalata). Tejapala was married to Anupama and Suhavadevi (also spelled Suhadadevi). Anupama was a daughter of Dharaniga, a counselor to the brothers, and his wife Tribhuvanadevi)

Gupta Queen

Prabhavati Gupta was the daughter of Chandragupta Vikramaditya. She was the Chief Queen of Rudrasena of Vakataka dynasty, 376 CE

Queens of Orissa

Bhaumakaras ruled the lower parts of Orissa between the ninth and eleventh centuries. We know at least six queens in their regime.

Queen Tribhuvana Mahadevi

King Lalitahara’s wife and daughter of Rajamalla, a southern Naga Chief. She ruled the country for several years because her son was a little boy when her husband died.

Queen Tribhuvana Mahadevi II
Wife of King Shubakara IV. Her real name was Prithvi Mahadevi. Daughter of King of Kosala.

Queen Gauri Mahadevi

Dandi Mahadevi

After the death of King Shubakara, four queens occupied the Bhaumakara throne. They ruled between 1011 and 1018

Queen Bakula Mahadevi


Dharma Mahadevi – She is the last known ruler of Bhumakaras in Orissa


Heroic queens of Kashmir

Didda of Kashmir ruled between 958 and 1003 CE. She was daughter of King Simharaja. She was married to Kshemagupta. Diidda dominated over him and so he was called Diddakhsema.

Centuries later another lady Kotadevi (1338 CE) adorned the throne of Kashmir.

Silla was another heroic woman of Kashmir who led the defeated forces of her king to safety. But she was killed later in a fighting.

Alexander the great killed the king of Swat region. His name was Asakenos (Aswaka?) according to Greek writers. When he died in battle his wife or mother Kleopis (Kripi in Sanskrit) defended the fort and died in the ensuing battle according to Curtius, Greek writer.

–to be continued

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