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It is the study of body parts and their connection to a person’s behaviour and character. It is one of the 64 arts listed in Vatsyayana’s Kama Sutra. He included it in the women’s school syllabus in ancient India. 2000 years ago, intelligent Hindu women were well versed in Shamudrika lakshan. Vatsyana included even Coded Language in the 64 arts!

I wrote 2 or three articles on shamudrika lakshan (please see the links below).

Two more news items of body parts’ link to one’s character have been published in London newspapers.


Face value

Think you can trust someone?

Just look into their eyes. People with brown eyes are regarded more trustworthy than those with blue, according to Czech scientists. Having a rounded place also rates highly which means a jowly man will fit our perception of trustworthiness even if he has blue eyes.

–Metro newspaper, Jan10, 2013

My comments :- I am throwing away my old paper cuttings. So I thought it is better to post them here. But I wanted to warn you about blue eyes. Max Muller, German Sanskrit ‘scholar’ popularised the Aryan Migration theory and proudly said that Germans also belonged to Aryan race in his comment about Vedic Dyaus (Greek God Zeus). Hitler got inspiration from Max muller, his compatriot, and said blue eyed German girls belonged to the pure Aryan race and so others must be thrown out etc. Please read Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf. So be careful about Blue Eye researches!!

My second comment about coloured eyes is that  99-9 % of Indians have only black eyes and yet we see among them sinners and saints! So be careful about coloured eye theories or conclusions or researches.

My last comment is that most of the foreigners who write on India have ‘coloured eyes’, I mean jaundiced eyes! That is why they give distorted pictures about India!! Can we call it optical illusion?


Second news item from Metro newspaper:–

Girls, beware of Ring Fingers!

Size him up!

Fed up with play away fellas, ladies? Then check the length of the ring finger of the next guy you meet. Primates with longer ring fingers than their second fingers (such as baboons) are more promiscuous than those where the difference is  ‘,such as gibbons. The digit difference is down to how much androgen hormones they are exposed to in the womb, said Liverpool University Researchers.

–Metro, November 5, 2009.

My comments:

In my mother tongue Tamil, there is a proverb : ‘Unemployed barber caught the cat and shaved it off the hair’ Look at the above research. Nothing wrong in doing research about monkeys and apes. But who asked them to measure the fingers and link them to sexual behaviour at the cost of tax payers’ money? Universities are funded by governments and NGOs . They can spend the money for better projects.

Last but not the least, 2000 year ago Vatsyayana listed the Shamudrika lakshan as one of the 64 subjects a woman should learn. I have featured a 100 year old Tamil book on Shamudrika lakshana in Facebook. I got it from the British Library in London. Why shouldn’t our universities do proper research on it? And I also advised NASA scientists to consult Nadi Astrologers in Tamil Nadu who can give your birth chart (Planetary positions on the day of your birth) just by looking at your palm. If your palm can show your birth time it would be definitely useful in Medical science and forensic science.(See the link below for my post on NASA)! › tag › samudrika-lakshan

samudrika lakshan | Tamil and Vedas


26 May 2012 – Posts about samudrika lakshan written by Tamil and Vedas. › 2014/09/09 › astrology-in-mahavamsa

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9 Sep 2014 – We did not know how they worked it out. It may be intuitive power or mastery of Shamudrika Lakshan (body marks or shape). adilabad kili

What India could teach NASA Scientists? | Tamil and Vedas


5 May 2014 – If an astrologer who has specialised Nadi Jothidam, looks at your hand he can … But I must admit that other predictions about future did not come true. … If the astronomers learn this from the Hindus, they can understand the … › 2018/09/01 › hindus-new-methods-of-fortune-t…



1 Sep 2018 – I have already given details about rope trick astrology, lizard … that NASA scientists of USA must do some research about Hindu Nadi Jothidam.

blue eyed gentleman


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