What India could teach NASA Scientists?

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By London Swaminathan
Post No. 1022; Date 5th May 2014.

Our body is the microcosm and the earth is the macrocosm. Whatever we find on the earth we can see in our body. Blood vessels are like the rivers running on earth. Body hair can be compared to the vegetation on earth. There is a proverb in Tamil and other Indian languages saying what you see in Andam is found on Pindam. Andam (egg) is a globular thing meaning earth, universe etc. Pindam is our body. Both are Sanskrit words. Hindus know that the earth is globular in shape from time immemorial.

Hindus know a secret which no Western scientists knew. Your birth chart is in your hand is known to Hindus. If an astrologer who has specialised Nadi Jothidam, looks at your hand he can tell you the planetary positions at the time of your birth. No scientists can explain it scientifically. By looking at your palm he tells where the planets were in the sky the day you were born. This is not astrology but astronomy. The other thing about what is going to happen in future is astrology. I am not writing about astrology. The reason being no one can give you an accurate prediction.

Both my brothers went to see a Nadi Jothida astrologer in Kavalur near Madurai thirty years ago. The astrologer predicted the planetary positions accurately in my brothers’ horoscopes. When they came back home they checked the birth chart which was written by our family astrologer. It was exactly the same. The astrologer even predicted my brother’s would be wife’s name and it came true. How is it possible?
But I must admit that other predictions about future did not come true.

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(Birth Chart: Every orthodox Hindu family casts a horoscope/ birth chart as soon as their children celebrate their first birth anniversary.

Nadi Jothidam astrologer: They have lot of palm leaf manuscripts where in our future predictions are already written by the ancient sages. But there are more frauds than genuine people in this filed. So one must be careful in approaching any so called Nadi Jothidar)

Your palm shows which planets are stronger in your birth chart. It comes under palmistry as well. Again it is not science. But predicting the exact positions of planets in the sky has got more scientific implications. If the astronomers learn this from the Hindus, they can understand the mysteries of universe better and may even unravel several more mysteries. Before the genuine Nadi Jothidas disappear it is the duty of the scientists to study this ‘science’.

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Picture from your Finger prints?

There is another mystery in Indian literature. But I don’t think anyone can do it today. This art has disappeared long ago. The Brhatkatha translated into Tamil as Perunkatai has an anecdote. A person tells the features of a beautiful woman from her finger prints. Finger prints are used now in forensic investigation. Ancient Indians used it to identify people, draw pictures etc. if it is revived the criminal investigation will be much more easier. Following anecdote is in Perunkatai, Tamil adaptation of Bruhat Katha:–

A beautiful lady by name Madana Manjika was playing ball game on the terrace of her highly raised building. The ball jumped out and fell on Naravanan who was riding an elephant at that time. Naravanan looked at the girl and the ball and fell in love with her. Madana also looked at Naravanan and fell in love with him. But she did not collect he ball. Naravanan called his friend Gomukhan and asked him to find the owner of the ball.

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Gomukhan simply looked at the ball and found out her finger prints in the sandal paste on the ball. He started giving the description of every part of her body . Then told him it must be Madana manjika. It may sound like fiction today. But in those days there were people who could draw the picture of a person by simply looking at the hand or the finger prints.

Even the finger print technology used in the modern criminal investigation had its beginning in India.

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