Why did the farmer weep in Jain temple?(Post No.7606)


Post No.7606

Date uploaded in London – 22 February 2020

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A farmer who kept ten yoke of oxen was getting a livelyhood by ploughing and cultivating. At that time having ploughed and reaped nothing but dust and empty ears the collector’s men levied the usual tax and took the money. Then he sold his ten yoke of oxen and bulls and grains and clothes and jewels to pay the tax. tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com

Subsequently the collector came to collect  the balance of an old account. Without even looking at him,  The was ran away with a small cloth tied over his loins. He perceived another person coming along the road and being afraid entered a Jain temple which was there. Seeing the Jaina idol without any clothes for his loins , he said,

‘Father! I farmed with ten yoke of oxen and am running away with only a loin cloth . With how many oxen did you farm and come to utter ruins, for you have not even this small cloth? So, Saying he embraced the statue and wept.



A fool went on a journey close behind a merchant . As they were going, it became very dark, the fool laid down to sleep in an open space on the road. The merchant laid down under the cover of a shrub which was near. tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com

At that time the thieves going along that road struck their feet against the feet of the fool. One of the thieves asked ‘What is this? It’s like of a log of wood’. The fool became angry and said ‘go go.away, Could the wood in your house after tying five gold coins in its loins lay down to sleep in an orderly way?’

The thieves seized him and took away the money. One of them said to another, it may be fake coins; that is why he himself told us about the coins.’

The fool said, oh my god, it is my money. If you want to know whether it would pass the test or not, good, there is a merchant, show it to him. So he said pointing to the merchant. They seized 100 gold coins which the merchant had.

Thus, loss will come from associating with fools



A blind man had a child born to him.

When the child was a few days old one day the milk choked it and it died due to choking. The people in the village came to him and said,

Your child is dead. tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com

How did it die, he asked.

Whilst it was sucking milk, they said.

What kind of thing is milk? he asked.

It is white, said they.

What is whiteness? he asked.

They said, it is like a swan, they said.

What kind of a thing is swan? said he.

Observe, said they, bending his arm.

He felt it and having ascertained that it was long and crooked, said

Alas! If this horrid milk entered the mouth of a child how could it live?

so saying he wept aloud. tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com

Therefore, explaining things to stupid people only causes complete misunderstanding.

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