Death is better than drinking Milk (Post no.7639)

Written by London swaminathan

Post No.7639

Date uploaded in London – 1 March 2020

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More Death bed Anecdotes

Cough Practice!

When Curran, the witty English lawyer of the eighteenth century, lay on his death bed, he was told by his physician that he coughed rather easier than before,

“In faith, so I think I ought , for I have been practicing all night”.


Lord Holland

When Lord Holland was on his death bed, his friend George Selwyn called to enquire how his Lordship was, and left his card. This was taken to Lord Holland who said,

If Mr Selwyn calls again, show him into my room. If I am alive, I shall be glad to see him. If I am dead I am sure he will be delighted to see me.


Politest Message

An old French Countess of the most exquisite politeness was about to breathe her last, when she received a call from acquaintance ignorant of her mortal illness. The answer sent down from the chamber of the departing sufferer was eminently unique.

“The Countess de Rouen sends her compliments to Madame de Calais , but begs to be excused , as she is engaged in dying”.


Apologizing for Dying Late

Louis XIV lingered in a prolonged death bed agony, during the whole of which, the courtiers of his chamber were required to the in attendance. After some days of his slow decrease, the King opened his eyes and remarked faintly

“Gentlemen, I must apologise for being such an unconscionable time dying”.


Death is better than drinking Milk

When John Donne, the English poet, was dying, the great physician Dr Simon Faxe told him he might be restored by cordials and drinking milk twenty days together; but the Dean loathed milk and passionately refused to drink it. Upon the doctor’s insisting, he did try it for ten days, then said he would rather die than continue since he didn’t fear death.

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  1. “Death is better than drinking milk” – this is a thought-provoking caption.
    There has been a controversy about whether human beings can take milk. Among mammals, every species consumes its own milk, while humans alone take the milk of cows, goats, buffaloes, camels, etc. And while animals take milk while young and are weaned away naturally, humans continue to drink milk well into old age! Many scientists have said that humans cannot digest some of the proteins present in cow’s milk- it requires a special enzyme which the cow alone produces for its calf. It is not suitable for humans. Besides, this milk has to be sucked from the teat, and not exposed to air, which is not the case in respect of human consumption.
    There has also been controversy about the fat content- whether it should be high or low. Now some researchers are in favour of whole milk, and not toned milk which was the fad so far.
    Also, there is another angle to this issue. The milk we get now is not from grass-eating, naturally fed cows, but from cows which are artificially fed , and injected with many chemicals. The milk we get in plastic packets is not entirely natural, but contains synthetics.
    Ayurvedic doctors have been advocating non-consumption of such milk. Now even Western doctors and researchers are coming round to this view- hence the Vegan movement.
    There is the problem of the milk from the desi cow vs. foreign breeds. It is said that the fat from the milk of foreign breeds does not suit our DNA.
    All this has to be balanced against the traditional Indian belief in cow’s milk as a ‘complete’ food even for the old, leave alone the babies. But even western doctors who do not recommend milk, are now in favour of butter, cheese and ghee derived from grass-fed cows, and not farm -raised ones.
    I feel the native breeds of Indian cows are unique, quite different from Western cows like Jersey or Holstein. I do not know whether any scientific studies have been conducted in this regard. In most cases, we are simply echoing what foreigners say.

    In John Donne’s time, [ 1572-1631] cows were of course grass-fed, and his dislike of milk was personal, but now there is more to it than mere personal fad or prejudice. Considering the chemical pollution associated with milk, it seems drinking milk is an invitation to disease, if not slow death.

  2. your reply is more thought provoking. in my house two people have become Vegans already . Here in London we bought milk yesterday with expiry date Tenth March. It should have been packed two weeks before this date at least, around 25th feb.. So when i empty it on 10th or 11th march I will be drinking two weeks old milk, of course from the fridge. To make it usable, they might have mixed lot of things in it. And the cows are raised in torturous conditions.
    and milked with machines. You can see other stuff from the cow’s body floating n it, if you have a microscope at home. Above all, the cows are fed with non vegetarian food and vaccines.God alone can save cows and the people who drink it.

  3. Mark Edward

     /  April 27, 2020

    Id the cow ia 8n your culturally tradition drink it! it’s good for you, but if it is not drink it not!

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