SWAMI CROSSWORD 3132020 (Post No.7767)


Post No.7767

Date uploaded in London – 31 March 2020   

Contact – swami_48@yahoo.com

Pictures are taken from various sources for spreading knowledge; this is a non- commercial blog. Thanks for your great pictures.

1. –(9)- lion faced incarnation of Vishnu

7. –(4) – world

9.– (4) – gain

10.– (4) – with short sound- architect of heaven; long sound illusion, magic

12– (6) – within; intra is derived from this Sanskrit word

13.– (8)- Sun who makes our day everyday

14.– (9)- Type of saint cum rulers

1.– (7)- famous ancient Indian university which Muslims set fire to.

2.– (7)- Wife of Krishna; not Sathyabama

3.– (7)- Yadava commander in Pandava army; life long friend of Krishna and Arjuna

4.  (4) – Root; as well as the name of a nakshatras in the 27 star system of Hindus.

5. (6)- sky; clothing; two sects of Jains  are named with this suffix

6. (6)- father of Sita; King of  Mithila

8. (6) – Akasa Ganga; a Tamil feminine name; became popular after Historical novel Ponniyin Selvan; in Sanskrit a plant name.

11. I  (4)- Originator of Atreya Gotra


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