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Tamil folk tales

A respectable merchant had his daughter instructed by a famous teacher in the town. After a few years of studying under him, she attained womanhood. On hearing of this, father of the girl called her and said,

My girl! Go and tell your Guru the good news. Don’t forget to give him Guru Dakshina along with coconut, betel nuts and fruits. Accordingly she went to the school master and having given him the betel nut, fruits and the fee, made her obeisance and said,

Sir, bless me and allow me to take leave.

Guru said,

Have I taken pains with you till now for the sake of this worthless money? Your father had already given me enough. I have for many years desired to embrace you. Now is the right time. Do not refuse me. Having said this he moved forward to molest her.

On hearing this the girl of  honourable family trembled and agitated. She shouted at him,

You wretch! Ungrateful traitor! Is it right for you to lust after me? Learned fool! You will speedily be undone.

So saying she escaped from him and ran home. Because her father was busy with his business matters, she did not tell him at once.

In the meantime, the cunning teacher came to the merchant’s house and gave him the very bad news. I heard from your daughter that she has attained puberty. Just now I looked at her horoscope. It happened at the most inauspicious time. It is going to bring utter disaster for everyone in your family.

The merchant got very upset and asked him,

What can I do now?

The teacher told him,

Nothing to worry. Just put her in a basket and float her in the river. God will take care of her.

The merchant also acted hastily and did whatever he said.

While the basket with the girl was floating in the river a king came for hunting. He saw the box and recovered it from the river. When he saw a beautiful teenager inside he sent her to his palace in his golden palanquin. He had hunted a tiger on the day. He put the wounded tiger in the basket and left it in the river.

The teacher had a cunning plan. He came alone and stopped the box. He took it on the head of workers to his house. In the night he scented himself with all sandal paste and fragrant garlands. He took the box into his private room. Burning with evil desire he asked,

What do you say now my girl? As soon as he opened the box the angry tiger sprang upon him and tore him to pieces.

Therefore deceit causes destruction. tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com



A king kept a parrot as a pet. He liked it very much. One day it left the palace and flew with the birds that came from the heaven. The king got worried. But it came back after several days. It brought him a mango stone/ seed from the heaven. Afterwards addressing the king it said,

If you plant this and make it grow, whoever eats of its fruit, old age will forsake him and youth return. The king felt very happy and did bury the seed in his favourite garden. Every day he watered the tree with utmost care and looked after it very well with proper manure.

After some years having come to maturity it put forth buds, flowered, set its young fruit and bore ripe fruits. Immediately on its bearing ripe fruit the king ordered a mango from it to be cut and brought. He wanted to test it first and so gave it to an old man. The man fell down and died. The king was very angry. He thought that the parrot must have brought a poisonous fruit from his enemy. He thought it was a foreign conspiracy. So he took the parrot from its cage swung it round and striking it against the ground killed it. But it was an innocent bird.

What happened was just before the king’s man brought the mango, a snake fell on the fruit and vomited its poison. And a kite took the snake very next minute. So no one knew the poison in the fruit.

tamilandvedas.com, swamiindology.blogspot.com

After the death of old man, the tree was known as the poisonous mango tree. Whilst things were so, a washer man siding with his wife, struck his aged mother. The old woman vexed with her son decided to commit suicide. She came to the tree at the dead of night plucked a fruit and ate it. Immediately she became a sixteen-year-old beautiful girl. The servants came to know about it in the morning and took the girl to the king. He was surprised to see her and gave the fruits to some old people. All of them became very young. The king cried saying,

Alas! I have sinned by killing the innocent bird. I am a wretch. From that day he made a vow not to feel angry at any time.

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