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Bharatiya calendar system is the most scientific and most accurate in the world. Bharatiya astrologers had divided the whole year into 360 days as early as 1181 BCE. The first day of the year according to the National calendar of Bharat is significant both for its historical impact and for the advent of bountiful nature.

In some parts of India Shalivahana Saka beginning in 78 CE and in other part s VIKRAMA Saka beginning in 57 BCE is followed.

The day recalls the inspiring occasion when the invading Shakas, the barbaric tribal hordes from Central Asia, descending on Bharat like locusts during the first century CE were vanquished by the great emperors Shalivahana and Vikramaditya.

Shalivahana was the king of Shatavahanas with the capital at Prathisthana on the banks of Godavari, in the present day Maharashtra. A beautiful allegory is woven around the singular achievement of Shalivahana depicts how he made clay images of soldiers, breathed life into them and forged a formidable army of warriors.

Another story goes, Shalivahana popularised the figure of the dark Kali in her terrible form trampling upon a demon in colour, and piercing him with her deadly trident . The idol carried its own message, the dark Kali representing the Hindu people rising to their full heroic stature and crushing the foreign aggression of the white Shakas. It also symbolised the triumph of the forces of divinity over those of wickedness.

Vikramaditya, literally the Sun of Valour, was famous not only for the peerless prowess he displayed in liquidating the foreign aggression, he was the patron of Nine Gems of poetic genius, Kalidasa crowning them all.

The king was also celebrated for his supreme sense of justice so much so that ‘Vikramaditya Simhasana’, The Throne of Vikramaditya, has come to mean the seat of undiluted justice. His very name has become so much a part of all that is great and glorious in in Bharat s tradition that many a king in later days even in distant parts of the country prided himself in affixing the title Vikramaditya to his name.

The founding of new eras in the names of Vikrama and Shalivahana signifies the supreme importance accorded in the Hindu history and tradition of safeguarding the nation’s freedom and sovereignty.

Another coincidence is that the great founder of the RSS, Dr Kesav Baliram Hedgewar, was also born on Yugadi, of 1889. It is the New Year Day for many communities who follow Hindu religion.



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