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Tamil Nadu likely to allow women priests in temples soon

The Minister for the HR and CE temples (managed by the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments department) PK Sekar Babu on Saturday hinted that women who wish to take up the job of a temple priest, would be given training for that.  

The Minister said in response to a woman reporter after holding detailed discussions with senior officials of the HR and CE department from across the State.

Sekar Babu had earlier said that the ‘all-caste archaka’ scheme would soon be implemented in HR and CE temples in the state.
Asked whether the government would accept women coming forward to work as priests, the Minister said, “If women wish to work as priests, training will be provided to them and steps will be taken to appoint them as priests. This will be done after getting the approval of the Chief Minister.” 

There has been a long-drawn debate on female priests in Hindu temples. Social reformers have been advocating it to establish gender equality in the job of priests too. 

Minutes after the remarks of the Minister, there were criticisms against this move in social media. In the coming days, this topic is likely to become a point of debate. 

On Tamil archana in temples, the Minister said “Already, Tamil archana is being performed in HR and CE temples. In 47 big temples in the state, a board will be displayed with the words “Tamil Archana will be performed in this temple.” Also, training will be given to the priests in performing archana in Tamil.  

Responding to a question, the Minister reiterated that the ‘All-caste archaka’ scheme would come into force within 100 days of assumption of office of this government. You will see archakas from castes functioning in the temples.” 

The Minister said recently the Madras High Court has given 75 recommendations to temples which included preventing idol theft, maintenance of ancient temples, etc. and they were discussed during the meeting. Already, the government started implementing a few of them while other recommendations would be enforced in due course.  

Answering a question regarding the appointment of a new Jeeyar in Srirangam temple, the Minister said, “The procedure followed for appointment of a new Jeer so far will be followed in the present case too.  The Chief Minister has advised that as far as religious matters are concerned, the sentiments of any section of the people should not get hurt– Sekar Babu added. 


Priest asked to bring God’s Aadhaar to sell temple produce

In a bizarre incident, a priest who went to a government procurement centre to sell wheat grown in land belonging to the temple, was asked to produce the Aadhaar card of the deity. The incident took place in the first week of June in Kurhara village in Attara tehsil in Uttar Pradesh.

Mahant Ramkumar Das, the priest and chief caretaker of the Ram Janki temple, said he wanted to sell 100 quintals of wheat in a government mandi (market). He had done the online registration with the help of others.

The caretaker priest of the temple arrived at the government mandi to sell the crops grown on the temple land. It was then that he was asked to produce the Aadhaar card of the deity in whose name the land was registered.

The seven-hectare land is registered in the name of the deity, in this case, Lord Ram and Janki. “The registration was cancelled as I could not produce the Aadhaar card, where do I get Aadhaar of the Lord?” he asked.

The priest said that he spoke to the sub divisional magistrate (SDM) Saurabh Shukla. The SDM said that the priest was not asked to produce the Aadhaar card of the deity, but he was explained the process. “The policy has been decided at the government level and purchase was being done on the basis of that policy,” he said.


Ramdev’s U-turn: All ‘good doctors’ are messengers of God, will get vaccinated soon

Yoga guru Ramdev, who had said he does not need the Covid vaccine as he has protection of yoga and ayurveda, on Thursday did a summersault, saying he will soon get the jab and described doctors as “God’s envoys on earth”.

Ramdev had earlier stirred a controversy with his comments on the efficacy of allopathic drugs against COVID-19, drawing the ire of the medical fraternity. Now, welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement about free vaccine to all from June 21, Ramdev described it as a “historic” step and appealed to all to get themselves vaccinated.

 “Get both doses of the vaccine and the double protection of yoga and ayurveda. They will combine to give you such a robust shield of protection that not a single person will die from Covid,” he told reporters in Haridwar.

Asked when he will get the vaccine shot, the yoga guru said, “Very soon.” Ramdev also heaped praise on good allopathic doctors, describing them as “God’s envoys on earth”.

On the ongoing confrontation with the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Ramdev said he cannot have any animosity with any organisation. All he was against the exploitation of people in the name of medicines, he said.

 “I am not against any organisation. Good doctors are a real boon. They are God’s envoys on earth. But individual doctors can do wrong things,” he said. He also said for emergency treatment and surgery, allopathy is the best.


Tamil Nadu government retrieves encroached land of Chennai’s Vadapalani temple

PK Sekar Babu, Tamil Nadu Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department on Monday informed about the official retrieval of land of the Vadapalani Murugan temple here.

“It is the policy of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin, that no one should be hindered from worshipping as per religious rites of his choice. The property of the Lord is the property of the government. The Chief Minister will take action against whoever misuses those assets,” DMK minister.

“Today, this land which had been encroached is retrieved officially,” he said.

The property of Vadapalani Murugan temple worth Rs 250 crore located at Karunanidhi Street, Gandhinagar, Chennai had been occupied by the vehicles belonging to the film industry.


FIR Against Instagram For Showing  Lord Shiva Sticker With Wine Glass & Phone

In the latest development, an FIR has been lodged in Delhi against social media platform Instagram for allegedly showing Lord Shiva in an objectionable manner.

An FIR has been lodged in Delhi against social media platform Instagram for allegedly showing Lord Shiva in an objectionable manner. The FIR, filed by Delhi resident and BJP leader Manish Singh, was lodged against Instagram after stickers depicting Lord Shiva with a glass some liquid that perhaps most closely resembles wine & a mobile phone in his hands whilst winking were seen available in the platform’s story section.

The complaint was lodged against Instagram for allegedly hurting the sentiments of the Hindus.

The sticker has been designed “with the sole intention of inciting” the Hindu community, the BJP leader said in his complaint.


Lightning strikes Bijli Mahadev temple in Himachal’s Kullu,

A video of lightning striking the hilltop of Bijli Mahadev temple area in Himachal’s Kullu valley has been getting viral on social media.

Located at an altitude of about 2,460 metres, Bijli Mahadev is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Lightning incidents occur here like once in over a decade and this time it broke the Shivlinga inside the temple premises.

After the incident, the Shivlinga was coated with butter by the temple priest to bring it to original form.

Located 14 km from Kullu across the Beas river, it can be approached after a trek of 3 km.

A panoramic view of Kullu and Parvati valleys can be seen from the temple. The 60 feet high staff of Bijli Mahadev temple glistens like a silver needle in the sun.

It is said that the tall staff attracts divine blessings in the form of lightning, thus the name Bijli Mahadev.




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