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Visualisation & Picturisation in the Mind :

At least for 15 days continuously one should give auto suggestion to his/her sub conscious mind. From 16th day onwards one has to visualize in his / her mind that he/she has already achieved what he/she wants to achieve in life. He / she should picturise that he/she is  getting the Excel Award or Sharam Vir / Sharam Sree Award for the achievements. Also  he/she should visualize in his/her mind that he/she had already achieved  the goal and getting the Award from our CMD or from the central Minister and should imagine that he/she is interacting with them for  a minute or so.  If one visualizes and picturises like this then he/she will be able to achieve his/her dream very quickly.

One should write his/her goal in a 3” x 5” size card and should see that as and when time permits/ when ever it is possible. This will help them  get their goal in the shortest possible time. If you make an analysis of the success of others, you may find that, almost all would have achieved their goal by visualizing in their mind before actually getting that. We achieved freedom from British empire only because of the focused dream of 30 crores of people at that time in India. This was introduced in to the minds of the people of India before independence by the great poet Subramania  Bharathiyar.

Nothing is impossible if you Learn with determination:

Just think of how you learnt to drive bicycle during your childhood. You will laugh even now on thinking of this. So many times one might have fallen down and got himself injured while learning cycle but you were focused and learnt to drive bicycle with confidence and determination.

When you want to learn car driving you will affix “L” sticker in the front and rear side of the car so that others will know that you are   a learner. But after mastering how to drive car your ego will not permit you to have the “L” sticker. If we remove “ L “ from the word LEARN then it becomes EARN. That means you started to earn not only money but you earn respect, recognition and reward from the society. Hence at the time of learning one should learn with sincerity and should learn it from “the horse’s mouth” .

Thus if one gives auto suggestion to his/her sub conscious mind he/she will be able to tune the mind and make use of both the conscious and  sub conscious mind for achieving what ever one wants to achieve on the earth and  under the sun.

What are all the things we can earn / achieve from sub conscious mind:

  1. Achieving success in any field.
  2. Enormous happiness in our life .
  3. Harmonious relationship with others.
  4. To remove mental blocks.
  5. To remove fear from our mind .
  6. To stay young in spirit forever.
  7. To get more friends in our life.
  8. To achieve what ever we want in life .
  9. To resolve all problems.

10. To sustain and maintain the success achieved already.

If all of us  practices all the above mentioned things by giving auto suggestion to our subconscious mind then India will become the number one country in the world by 2015  itself and not by 2020 as dreamt by Dr.APJ Kalamji.

I will conclude this with a poem :

We can,  if others can . We can,  even if others cannot:

We can ,  if  only experts  can . We can, even if experts cannot:

Because we are an inch above all , That inch is the decision making inch:

Move a step ahead, move an inch ahead:

Success will come to us always, in all ways.

From today onwards let all of us give Auto Suggestion to our Sub conscious Mind with full Faith and in a focused manner to make our Country Number One in the world Power Scenario forever . 


     Tiruchy 18.


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