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Tamil Veda is Titukkural written by Tamil poet Tiru Valluvar. It is considered the greatest Tamil work that Tamils contributed to the world. It contains 1330 couplets on moral and ethics in Tamil. It is dated 31 BCE by Tamil enthusiasts, but linguistically it belongs to 5th century CE.

Who said it is Tamil “Veda”?

Many contemporaries of Tiru valluvar by name Ukkirap Peruvazuthi, Paranar, Gowthamaanar,Vannakkaan sathanar, Sengkannanar, Velli Veethiyar, Mangudi Maruthanar sand Karikkannanar say it. And also Saraswati Devi says that she gave Veda and Tirukkural. All their verses are in Tiru Valluva Malai.


Rig Veda in Sanskrit is the oldest book in the world. It is the oldest anthology with over 1000 hymns which contain 10,000 mantras. Herman Jacobi and B G Tilak dated it between 4000 and 6000 BCE. Max Muller dated it 1500 BCE or before that. The seers sing the glory of Gods and call them Friends and Comrades.

The amazing fact is that Hindus are the only people in the world who glorified Friendship and Hospitality as virtues. Both Sanskrit and Tamil poets have sung hundreds of verses appreciating these two virtues. It is hardly seen in other cultures.

Here are some comparisons; the numbers in the Rig Veda (RV) are Mandala-Hymn-Mantra.

RV 1-5-1

Comrades , come here and sit down; sing the songs of praise to Indra



Come here from the light of Heaven; we are longing  for this.

A man who leads an ideal life in this world

Will be ranked amongst the Gods in the Heaven– Kural 50



So also is his excellence, great, vigorous, rich in cattle, like a ripe fruit tree to the worshipper.

When prosperity comes to a large hearted man,

It is like the useful village tree bearing fruit –Kural 216



Grant us high fame; o Indra , grant us riches bestowing thousands.

If one is born at all, he should be born to glory;

Otherwise it were better that he were not born –Kural 236



Hear, you whose ear is quick, my call; take these songs.

O , Indra let my praise come nearer , even than your friend.

Like the hand , that goes to the rescue when a garment slips, stepping in to help

When a friend faces adversity, is true friendship –Kural 788



You Come you here,  song of praise is sung. Drink of it like a thirsty stag (Gowra)

Some people translated Gowra as buffalo.

Just as a yak , which is shorn of its wool does not survive,

A man of honour will not live if he loses it- Kural 969

Here Gowra in Sanskrit and Kavari in Tamil are similar in sound. Both are confused with deer and buffalo.



As ministering priests, they were here once; their pious acts won them a share in the sacrifice with Gods.

A man who leads an ideal life in this world

Will be ranked amongst the Gods in the Heaven– Kural 50


1-23-19, 1-23-20

Amrit is water ; in the waters there is healing balm.

Within the Waters, dwell all balms, Soma told me

and Agni as well. The waters hold all medicines.

As the fallen rain sustains the world,

It must be deemed Amrita (Nectar of life)- Kural 11

Dhaanam and Tavam cannot be sustained

If the heavens will not give their bounty – Kural 19

Valluvar was a great Sanskrit scholar; he must have studied the Vedas. Here he uses the Sanskrit words Amrit, Dhaanam (Charity) and Tapas (Penance) in the same chapter on Rains. So I think Amrita is equated with Soma juice.

To be continued………………………………

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