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It is very interesting to see the belief of the Vedic Hindus on the effects of metal Lead. The word SIISA for lead occurs in many verses of Atharva Veda. It is equally interesting to see the connection between HORSE SHOE lucky charms on doors of many houses in Western countries. Ralph T H Griffith himself highlights this point.

Let us look at Atharva Veda (AV) hymn 16 in the first Canto i.e.  Book 1.

1.May potent Agni who destroys the demons bless and shelter us.

From greedy fiends who rise in troops at night time when the moon is dark.

2.Varuna’s benison has blessed the lead , and Agni strengthens it.

Indra has given me the lead; this verily repels the fiends.

3.This overcomes Vishkandha, this drives the voracious fiends away 

By means of this have I, overthrown all the Pisachi’s demon brood

(fiend- demon; benison- blessing or benediction)


My comments:-

Here we see ghosts are active on Amavasya (new moon day) nights. But Lead would drive them away!

Griffith himself links it with the horseshoes hung in the doors of several houses. I see them in London houses while I walk to the station/ underground from my house.


Griffith summarises the commentary from other commentators with his views:

The lead — A piece of this metal employed as a charm against demons and sorcery. See Book 12-2-1, 19, 20, 53

So in England a horse shoe was in former times generally regarded as a protection  against witches and is still sometimes nailed  on or over the door of a house or a stable. Iron in other forms also used was used as a charm for stables .

‘Hang up hooks and shears to scare

hence the hag that rides the mare 

till all they be wet with the mire

and the sweat. This observed, the manes shall be

Of your horses, all knot-free- Herrick’

—–Charms and ceremonies


From ‘vi’ apart and ‘skandha’ shoulder, drawing asunder or or racking the shoulders; apparently acute rheumatism in the shoulders and neck. Vishkandha is frequently mentioned in the AV, but nowhere clearly defined . the commentator attributes its attacks to the malice of fiends and evil spirits.

The Pisachi’s demon brood – Pisachii is the feminine form of Pisachi (RV 1-133-5) or Pisacha, the name of a  class of fierce  and malignant imps  or goblins Pisach in Hindi and Pisachu in Tamil are in still common use as general terms for goblins or fiends. The feminine in Hindi is Pisachinii.


In the 12th Book hymn two has references to lead in mantras 1, 19, 20, 53.

Griffith says

Lead used in incantations as charm to drive away malevolent charms.

My comments

Though metal talismans are known and discovered in so many countries, lead is not linked with demons and diseases. But AV prescribes lead as an anti-dote to demons and diseases. This hymn , is about funeral rites. Westerners struggle to find the full meaning and they escape easily by saying these x, y, z mantras are out of place here!

Pisaasu or Pisachi is a common Sanskrit word and found in the Rig Veda. Until this day it is sued in Tamil. We find it in Sangam Literature book Kalittokai . All Tamil words for ghosts and fiend are also in other languages. Goblin, Ghoul , Algol are in Tamil as Kuuli, Kazuthu, Alagai.

Bhutham and Pisachu are also in Tamil Literature.

I have written  research article to show the connection between the double star system Algol and Alagai in Tirukkural.

I think that anything unseen that affects you mentally or physically is called a demon or devil. For instance, if you include one word in dictionary for all these things either Virus or bacteria, that would bring sense, clear meaning.

Even when they knew that an eclipse is called by the shadow of heavenly bodies and calculated hem precisely for thousands of years, they wrote a snake is devouring either moon or sun for the sake of illiterates. That is Sangam Tamil literature and Sanskrit literature. They were not idiots.

In the same way instead of writing bacteria or virus they simply said that a disease or depression was caused by Pisach or ghost (unseen microscopic organism). And at the same time, they used the concept of Placebo and proper Ayurvedic or Siddha medicines. Rig Veda talks about 107 herbs in one hymn and in other hymns, about herbs, water therapy , un light therapy etc.

Above all, God is called Mr Doctor  and Mr Medicine (Bhishak and Besajam ) only in Hinduism. The origin of Ayurveda is in Rig Veda, the oldest book in the world.


We have to do more research to see whether this U shape has any connetion to Indus Valley script with numerous U letters.

Xxx subham xxxx

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