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14.RIVERS – From the beginning of Rig Veda till the end including the most famous Nadhi Stuti (River Hymn), all the river names are in feminine gender. They are praised as Mother or woman and the sea is described as their husband. This led to the scenes where film actresses always longing for her lover in later Indian films. That is, women run after men and not vice versa. And many of the rivers are unidentified until today!!! Mysterious river Rasa is also there. Famous saying ‘Aakaasaath Patitham Thoyam Yathaa Gachchathi Saagaram’…….. like the rain water that falls from the sky runs as rives towards sea…… is used by all Hindus in hymns and other writings.

15.WATER- Water is praised as great medicine. It is in Atharva Veda as well. Brahmins praise water everyday and sprinkle it on their head thrice a day with Water Mantra. It is used in all the Purifying ceremonies (Punyaha Vachanam, Grha Pravesam/House Warming Ceremony) throughout India even today. In a beautiful hymn in Atharva Veda, the etymology of water terms is explained. There are over 120 terms for water. Hindus use it from birth to death ceremonially. They bathe twice a day. This explodes the myths of foreign gangs’ theory that Vedic Hindus came from colder regions outside India. Like Vedas Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar also called it Amrita; he used the exact Sanskrit word in Tamil which is found in Rig Veda and Atharva Veda for water.


Falcon and Soma connection is amazing and is unexplained. From the beginning till the end of Rig Veda, the seers praise the birds of prey bringing the mysterious, miraculous herb Soma. Ayur Veda has its beginning in Soma herb. They praise it as King of Herbs. Soma is in all other three Vedas as well. Amazingly Tamils neither knew Soma nor Indus River. Both are not mentioned in 30,000 lines of 2000 year old Sangam Literature. But Ganges, Himalayas, Amruta and all Hindu gods are mentioned.


The fire ceremony is in every hymn of the Rig Veda. The absence of such ceremonies anywhere else in the world gave a severe blow to the foreign gangs ( I can even use the word gangsters) who talked about migration of Vedic Hindus into India. Only the Parsees who went FROM India’s Gujarat state TO Iran kept the fire ceremony intact. (Please read Kanchi Parmacharya’s explanation about Zarathustra= Saurashtra.) Amazingly the Parsees came back to the same Gujarat when Muslims started the massacres in Iran.


Many of our scholars thought that the Bhakti movement started very late in Hindu religion. They are completely wrong. Worshipping Gods as Father, Mother, Friend, Sister, Relatives, King, Servant etc is found in the Rig Veda until the end. Every Tamil Saivite and Vaishnavite’s verse is an echo of those Rig Vedic Mantras. The most interesting thing is that the Tamils themselves boasted they gave the Vedas in Tamil. Even Tirukkural is praised by a poet as the echo of Four Vedas! Bhakti poets of South India describe what the devotees would get in return in the last verse. This is also in the Vedas.


From the first Mandala/Book to the Tenth Mandala, the seers sing rescuing the cows from the cave or releasing them from cave. Is it an idiom they use it to convey several things? It is explained variously in different hymns. But almost all seers knew it. In Tamil and Sanskrit ‘cattle’ means ‘wealth’. Is it about Hindu’s Naval attack on Phoenicians, who were greedy marauding merchants into Indian waters? Phoenicians are described as Panis, which became Banias later. (Some half -baked people connect Banias with Banyan trees). If it is not mentioned throughout the Vedas I wouldn’t have included it here.


Over thirty demons were killed by Indra. Their names are found throughout the Four Vedas. Some of them are not identified. All religious scriptures mentioned baddies. But the foreign and Marxist gangs dubbed all demons as aborigenes!!! In other religious scriptures they did not paint them as aboriginal tribes. Those gangs massacred millions of tribes in Australia, Pacific islands, Canada, America, South America and Africa. The gangs spread Guns and STD/ VD in those places. The demon names are fond in all the Four Vedas. The names are typical Indian. So, no connection with Europe. Only the Greeks took them from us and distorted them as ugly gods and goddesses- as immoral rakes!!


This is another area where we see unity in 1028 hymns. When they wanted to describe love or affection or kindness, they always used mother looking after their children, Sons helped by fathers, brothers protecting sisters, children running into the hem or fringe of mothers’ saris, friend helping a friend etc. Mostly cow showing affection towards its calf known as VAATSALYAM is used. Those similes are uniform throughout the Vedas. We can’t compare it with any other religious book in the world. The reason being Hindu scriptures are like Pacific Ocean and other religious scriptures including ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Mayan , Chinese are like our village lakes!

Maintaining such unity and uniformity in 20,000 Mantras running into 40,000 lines is not simple. Those similes are found in later Tamil devotional literature as well.


Religious literature which came very late in other parts of the world considered sex as a sin. Sex was a taboo for them. Buddhists failed miserably in this area. But Vedas give us the pictures of wives hugging husbands vice versa and sexual intercourse too. Griffith and early Tamil Translators of Tirukkural were scared to death to touch those verses. They refused to translate them. But we find utter sexy scenes in Jayadeva’s Ashtapati of tenth century CE. But the important point to be noted is that they elevated men spiritually from basal instincts. Swami Vivekananda explains it in his talk on Gopis. Probably Osho tried to imitate Vedic Rishis but failed miserably.


These three words are everywhere in the Vedas. All religious and moral books have some words for baddies. When someone translates them into other languages, one uses the nouns for such words in their languages. But the gangs who translated Hindu scriptures put capital A for aryas, capital D for dasas and dasyus. When they came across other words such as Simyu, Grahi and umpteen other words they made them demons or fiends. Actually they should have used the nouns as ‘good natured, cultured , civilized etc  for Arya’ and ‘criminals, bad elements for Dasyus and Dasas’.

In fact Manu and Kalidas used Dasyu for criminals only. So the three words we find in all he four Vedas are simple common nouns and not proper nouns. If these are racial terms, they would have become obsolete when they were eliminated. But the terms continued for thousands of years. But the Greek word Barbarian is not used with capital B anymore. Foreign translators came with a bad motive which is indicated in Kanchi Parmcharya’s lectures. Swami Vivekananda says throwing all the mud from under the Indian Ocean wont be enough to punish the foreigners. Greatest Tamil Poet Bharati described them as the ‘1000 year rulers devoid of Kindness!’

I am afraid I am nowhere near the end in my list.

I shall continue in Part 3

To be continued…………………………..

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