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Sri Santhanandha of Pudukkottai visited our house several times in Madurai. I had been to Pudukkottai Bhuvaneswari Temple and Judge Swamigal Adhishtanam (Samadhi). I went to Skandashram in Chennai as well.

In 2015, I had been to Shirdi Sai Baba temple with his Samadhi and a few of his disciples Samadhis.

When I had been to Delhi in 1977, I was booked in Delhi City Tour Bus. I was taken to Gandhiji Samadhi at Raj Ghat and Nehru Samadhi.

I had been to Puttaparthi several times from 1963 and as a routine everybody goes to Baba’s mother Eswaramba’s Samadhi.  I also went there with the group.

Just before the Covid out break in 2019  I was in India . I went to Tirukkovilur and had the Darshan of Sri Gnanananda Swamigal Samadhi. I had his darshan long back at Madurai. We went to the upstairs of Pazakkadai Thangavelu’s Fruit shop and had his blessings. I went with my parents.

 I was so fascinated by Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra’s short and sweet Sanskrit Kritis. So I made it a point to visit Nerur to have his darshan. When I went there, I was wondering what made him to come to a remote village and attain Samadhi. Because of such great saints, some remote places become famous. It is the  same story with every Swamiji. Puttaparthi, Shirdi and many other villages were unknown before the birth of great men. Some places like Tiruvannamalai and Tirukkovilur are already famous because of ancient temples.

When I went to Pondichery I went to the Samadhis of Aurobindo and Mother. At Kanchipuram I went to Paramacharyas Samadhi

At Truvannamalai I had the Darshan of Samadhis of Sri Seshadri Swamikal and Sri Ramana Maharishi. Since other Samadhis were not open at the odd time we went, we stood outside and paid our obeisance.

I had been to Haridwar twice and Rishikesh once . At Rishikesh, we went To swami Sivananda’s Samadhi.

During my last trip to India in 2019 I had been to Melmalaiyanur and had the darshan of Sannu Munivar Samadhi. At Karur temple we saw Karuvur Siddhar Samadhi.

I used to wonder how come Ramalinga Swamikal , also known as Arutprakasa Vallalar, praised Chennai as Dharuma migu Chennai, i.e. Chennai filled with Dharma (location of charitable activities). My impression of Chennai is a city of bad politicians, immoral film actors and actresses and drunkards;  but when I studied the Siddhar Samadhis , I came to know over 100 Siddhar Samdhis are located in Chennai and its suroundings. And famous Saivite and Vaishnavite shrines sung by great saints are there. So I requested my friend to take me on his motor cycle to as many Samadhis as possible and he took me to a few Samaadhis of known and unknown Sidhdhars.

LOT OF FAMOUS TEMPLES IN Tamil Nadu has at least one Siddhar Samadhi there. Madurai Meenakshi Temple has one Siddhar Shrine very near Durga Shrine. It may be one of Siddhar Samadhis.

I had been to Manthralayam in December 1997.

At Mantralayam,  myself and my brother Prof.Suryanarayanan were waiting in the queue before Mantralaya Shrine . We were talking in Tamil. Then a woman just behind us asked whether we come from Tamil Nadu. When I said I am coming from Madurai and I worked for Dinamani for 16 years before going to London. Immediately she said my father’s name because she had been to Pattimandram (Tamil Debates)  at Dinamani Office Madurai. She was famous speaker Mrs Sarasvathy Ramnathan, Principal of Pallathur Women’s College.  She was very happy to meet us. Somehow our topic touched about Andhra and the Prakrit literature that flourished on the banks of Godavari. We touched the subject of most famous Prakrit book Gatha Sapta Sati. Then I told her though I read many English translations, it is a pity that none is available in Tamil. Immediately she told me that she got the Tamil Translation by M G Jagannatha Raja of Rajapalayam. She promised me to send it to me and to my surprise it came within two weeks to my brother’s college where he was working as the Principal. Till this day I have been using it in my comparative literature research. It was a memorable trip. The book is still on my desk with her signature.

Wherever I go to Ashrams,  I buy some books or pictures just to support the great Ashrams that have come over the shrines of the saints.

Being a resident of Madurai until 1986, I had been to Kulanthaiyananda Swamigal Adhistanam at Arasaradi. Once it must be a place with some trees and groves. Now it has become a junction of two roads with very heavy traffic. There is a powerful Sri Chakra installed.

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