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Date: 30 April 2019

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We were lucky to go to Nerur Sadhasiva Brahmendral’s Jeeva Samadhi, which is 13 kilometres from Karur on 27th March 2019. We went there around 11 am, right at the Puja time. Even the priest who did the Puja told us many people come at wrong time and see the Samadhi though the protective fence around the enclosure. He told us whoever come at Puja time are the lucky ones. About the great saint , I have written in 2013 and 2014; Please see the links below.

Sringeri Acharya and Kanchi Pramacharya have visited this place .  Kanchi Paramacharya came to Nerur in 1923 after doing the Thadanga Prathista in Jambukeswara (Thiru Anaikka) Akilandeswari Temple on 29-4-1923.

He stayed in Nerur for a week . Sadhasiva’s guru was the 57th Kanchi Shankaracharya Sri Parama Sivendra Saraswathy. Kanchi Paramacharya spent several hours every day doing meditation inside the temple. Next to the Samadhi is Shiva temple. Paramacharya arranged Puja at both the places.

Miracles of Sadhasiva Brahmendra

1.He surprised a Muslim who cut off his hand by just attaching it to his arm and walked away as if nothing happened.

2.He appeared in several places at the same time.

3.He took some children to Madurai to see the festival by Teletransportation.

4.He predicted his last day to his disciples. He told them that a Brahmin will bring a Shiva linga the next day from Varanasi and he will enter Samadhi on that day and then they can grow a Bilva tree over it and install the linga nearby and erect a Shiva temple  over it. It all happened 250 years ago.

Sadhasiva’s brief and beautiful Sanskrit compositions are sung in music concerts and Bhajans. All his compositions have his signature Mudra/seal ‘Paramahamsa’.

Since we sing the Bhajans in our monthly congregations in London, I have been planning a visit for very long. After reading the book Jagadguru Divya Charitam (Year 1957) by Ramachandrapuram S Sambaasiva Murthy I wished that I should have the darshan. It is about Kanchi Paramacharya’s life. During his Vijaya Yatra he visited Neur.

More in my previous posts. See the pictures taken by me:–

Sweet Pongal Prasadam was given to everyone who attended the Puja.
Books, CDs, Pictures etc are sold in the Adhistanam.

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