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‘Tamil Hindu Encyclopaedia – 15’ WAS POSTED ON 21ST OCTOBER 2022.

Tamils living in the southernmost part of India followed the Hindus in other parts of India in describing the God of Love known as Kama or Manmatha.

Manmatha is a beautiful Sanskrit word meaning ‘One who Churns your Mind’. Hindus are great psychologists and showed that sex is an inborn instinct, and one should not avoid it but control it. Hinduism is the only religion in the world that showed sex is holy and necessary. They included in the four values of life Dharma, Artha, KAMA and Moksha. The greatest of the ancient Tamil poets Tiru Valluvar included Kama in his Tiruk Kural as a big chapter and used the Sanskrit word Kaama. Early Christian preachers were afraid to touch that part and refused to translate it. But Hindus even did the world’s first sex book known as Kamasutra (Kaama suutra) 2000 years ago.

 Hindu psychologists showed also that sex can’t be eradicated from earth and said it would survive as an abstract thing but not concrete. When Shiva burnt down the God of Love Manmatha, his wife Rathy, the most beautiful woman in Hindu literature, begged to Lord Shiva to revive him and Shiva told her he would be there for ever on earth as Bodyless (AN+ANGA= Ananga). It shows that whether there are beautiful ladies or not, the inborn sex instinct would be there as abstract feeling in everyone.

All these things are repeated by the poets in ancient Sangam Tamil literature, which is at least 2000 year old.

In addition to the above, Sanskrit poets described that he would fire Five Flower Arrows to induce sexual feelings. Tamils repeated that also in ancient poems. The Five Arrows are the Five Senses. The sexual feelings will pervade through five senses.

In short Tamils never missed anything said in older Sanskrit poems.

I have already given enough information in the following two posts and so I would directly quote the Tamil sources.

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Tamil References:

1.Kaman (kaaman) is son of Lord Vishnu says Kalittokai 140-7; Pari-1-31

Nediyon makan- நெடியோன் மகன்

Vishnu is the father of Brahma and Manmathan- Pari-1-31 இருவர் தாதை இலங்குபூண் மா அல்

Tamils said that the brother of Kaaman/Manmatha is Saaman- Kali.263/4; 94-33/34 சாமன்.

The interesting thig about them is that they are also as  black as Vishnu.

This gives a severe blow to the Pro Aryan Invasion theorists. Most famous Hindu Gods are Black (Krishna, Draupadi, Vyasa, Vishnu, Manmatha, his brother Saman). Some people even interpret இருவர் தாதை இலங்குபூண் மாஅல் as Father of Kaman and Saman.


2.Shark flag

Tamils follow Sanskrit poems in describing the Flag of Manmatha as Shark Flag Kali26-3, 26-84; 147-42 (holder).

There is an interesting scene in  Kalittokai. A courtesan puts a shark picture ring in the finger of a boy whose father used to visit that woman. Then his wife becomes angry thinking that the prostitute was bold enough to send me a message that your husband will be a slave to me for ever- Kali 84-22-27

அவற்றுள் நறா இதழ் கண்டன்ன செவ்விரற்கு

சுறா ஏறு எழுதிய மோதிரம் தொட்டாள்

குறி அறிந்தேன் ; காமன் கொடி எழுதி என்றும்

செறியா பரத்தை இவன் தந்தை மார்பில்

பொறி ஒற்றிக்கொண்டு ஆள்வல் என்பது தன்னை

அறீ இயச்  செய்த வினை 

சுறா ஏறு எழுதிய மோதிரம்- -Ring with shark picture on it

காமன் கொடி- Flag of Kaaman/Manmatha

பரத்தை – Prostitute (Para  Stree= Para  ththai= Pros  titute)


3. Five Flower Arrows

Manmathan holds a Sugarcane bow with which he shoots Five Arrows made up of flowers. This is in at least five of Kalidasa’s works.

In Tamil we it Pari 10-97

அரிபடும் ஐ விரை மாண் பகழி

The five flowers are Lotus, Mango tree, Jasmine, Asoka and Neelotpala

மா, முல்லை, தாமரை, அசோகு, நீலோத்பலம்

To be continued………………….

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