Kumbakonam Wonders- Ramayana on Walls (Post No.11,831)


Post No. 11,831

Date uploaded in London – –  23 MARCH 2023                  

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This is my umpteenth trip to India; may be 40th trip!

Every time I make it a point to visit some new temples; seeing my parents to get their blessings and having Darshan at our Kula Devata temple in Vaitheeswaran Koil and my favourite temple Madurai Meenakshi temple, where we used to play hide and seek in the dark corridors 60 years ago , was also on the itinerary. Now my parents are no more and Meenakashi temple has become Tirupati Balaji temple; no easy access.

So we covered 40 places from Vaitheeswarankoil to Tiruvannamalai.


We landed in Madras called Chennai on 12th February 2023. We covered 40 temples, Adhistanams, Ashrams in three weeks time.

Kumbakonam is six hours drive (including lunch break) from Chennai. We landed at Srivathsam, an old age community centre for mostly Brahmins and only vegetarians at 3-30 pm . There is a lodge cum restaurant called Divine Inn. You get true Kumbakonam filter copy and typical brahmin food from 5-30 am to 8-30pm.

If you book your room through a resident there, you get discount as well. We paid Rs.1200 per day for a double bed room (AC) instead of 1500 per day. Just six kilometers from Kumbakonam. They are building another community centre called Kausthubam.

My friend Mr V S Srinivasan asked us to get ready by 4-30 pm. We visited six temples in five hours:
Ramaswami temple, Chakrapani temple, Sarangapani temple (all Vishnu), Kumbeswar Temple, Nageswar temple and Karumbaayiram Pillaiyar/ Ganesh temple.


Ramayana on walls

Ramaswami temple, though only 500 year old, is an art gallery of Ramayana. I posted 20 plus pictures of sculptures there yesterday. They are about Ramayana and Dasavatara. The temple belongs to Nayak Period.

The idols look majestic; no one can forget the Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata ,Satrugna with Sita Devi and Hanuman. The strange thing about these Murtis is Hanuman playing Veena with Ramayana book by his side. My policy is Not to take pictures of idols that are worshipped in the Garba Griha (sanctum sanctorum)

Today I post the Ramayana paintings on the wall in parts (Please all the parts); they need better preservation and better protection. If it is a cathedral in Rome or Madrid or Lisbon, they would have printed View cards, key chains, Coffee Cups, Scores of books with the temple pictures. The temple must print all the pictures in good quality and sell them to fund the temple.


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