Part Two of Kumbakonam Wonders ; Ramayana on Temple Walls (Post No.11,832)


Post No. 11,832

Date uploaded in London – –  23 MARCH 2023                  

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Part two of Ramayana paintings at Ramaswami Temple in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu

 Since the pictures are in three rows and the rope fence is before the wall, my photographs are not in order and not in full.

This post is to highlight the significance of such a magnificent art. Temple must bring out all the pictures in book format, view card format, fridge format and curtain format etc.

Had it been Britain or Italy or Spain or Portugal they would have made big money out of the art.

The temple has beautiful sculptures as well. Please see my Tamil articles for the Dasavatara and Ramayana sculptures. Over 200 Ramayana pictures are there. It is believed they are hundreds of years old.

We must preserve them for future generations.


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