30 Quotations from Tamil Book Vertriverkai (Post No.5377)



September 2018 Calendar



Date: 30 August 2018


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Post No. 5377


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This month’s calendar has 30 quotations from Vertiverkai of Athi Veera Rama Pandyan who wrote several Tamil books


Important Festivals: Sep.2- Janmashtami; 11 Sama Veda Upakarma; 13 Ganesh Chaturthi; 14 Rishi Panchami; 5- TEACHERS DAY; 11- BHARATI DAY.

New moon/ Amavasai- 9

Full moon- 24

Ekadasi Fasting- 6, 20

Auspicious Days- Sep. 6, 12



September 1 Saturday

He who teaches letters to one is God (Teacher is God)

September 2 Sunday

Correctness of the language is the beauty of language.

September 3 Monday

To support their relatives is an ornament to the rich

September 4 Tuesday

To study the Vedas and good conduct are ornaments to Brahmins.

September 5 Wednesday

The right administration of justice is an ornament to kings.


September 6 Thursday

To increase their capital is ornament to merchants

September 7 Friday

The desire to live by ploughing is an ornament to farmers.


September 8 Saturday

The clear foresight of events is an ornament to ministers of state.

September 9 Sunday

Heroism is an ornament t military commanders.

September 10 Monday

To eat in company with guests is an ornament to food.



September 11 Tuesday

Not to contradict their husbands is an ornament to wives.

September 12 Wednesday

To take care of her husband is an ornament to a lawful and virtuous wife.

September 13 Thursday

The beauty of prostitutes is to ornament their persons

September 14 Friday

It is an ornament to the wise to study, understand and govern their passions.


September 15 Saturday

It is an ornament to the poor to be honest in poverty.


September 16 Sunday

In the scented Palmyra’s round ripe fruit there is a seed; though it grows so high to reach the sky, yet it affords no shade sufficient even for one person.

September 17 Monday

But in the beautiful banyan’s small fruit there is a seed; though it is smaller than the egg of a little fish that lives in the pure fresh water, yet it gives shade to the king and his whole army, consisting of huge elephants, splendid chariots, horses and soldiers.

September 18 Tuesday

Therefore all little people are not little

September 19 Wednesday

All great people are not great

September 20 Thursday

All children are not children


September 21 Friday

All relatives are not relatives.


September 22 Saturday

All wives are not wives

September 23 Sunday

Cow’s milk does not lose its flavour when boiled

September 24 Monday

Pure gold does not lose its lustre, when burnt in fire.

September 25 Tuesday

Sandal wood doesn’t lose its odour by grinding


September 26 Wednesday

When black akil -wood (eagle-wood)  burns its smoke does not give a bad smell.

September 27 Thursday

The sea does not become muddy, when stirred up.

September 28 Friday

Therefore, Greatness and littleness come from one’s own acts.


September 29 Saturday

All the little faults that the lowly commit ought to be borne and forgiven by the great.

September 30 Sunday

If lowly persons commit great faults it is rare to see great bearing with them.


To live according to these precepts is good.

(Translated by Rev.S. Winfred in 1872)

Tamil version of this is given in this months Tamil Calendar)