One Small Mistake leads to a Big Problem! (Post No.6532)

chakra vyuha or padma vyuha with Abhimanyu

Compiled by London Swaminathan

Date: 11 June 2019
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Post No. 6532

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Thousands of diamond stones are unearthed around the world. But they are all not high quality diamonds. Those who have flaws are rejected by the jewellers and they are used in industries. Even in job interviews highly qualified people are rejected because of one or two small mistakes in their past jobs.

Abhimanyu, son of great warrior Arjuna, lost his life because of one mistake in the Mahabharata war. He learnt the art of breaching enemy formations but not coming out of it if the formation happened again. He breached the Lotus formation of Kauravas but could not come out of it because he has never learnt it. That was the only mistake he did. It cost his life in spite of the fact that he was a great warrior.

Here are some more examples from a 1884 book:-

Ruby Stone, Napoleon Statue

Herschel and Telescope

wikipedia picture of lotus formation.