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 Date: 2 SEPTEMBER 2019
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I want to place it on record the amazing statistics about Athi Varadar with the hope of someone reding it after forty years, i.e.2059!

Who is Athi Varadar?

Mahavishnu in Varadaraja Swami Temple in Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu.

What is the meaning of   Athi Varadar?

Athi is a wood mentioned in Vishnu Sahasranama as Udumbara along with two other trees. All the three trees belong to Ficus genus. Athi is Ficus Udumbra or Ficus racemose. Varadar is one who showers boons on devotees.

Why is God Vishnu known as Athi Varadar?

Because the original statue was made of Athi wood and placed in a water- tight silver casket under the temple tank. Instead of this a granite statue is worshiped on daily basis.

What is the significance of the wooden statue?

It was made by Lord Brahma and so considered very valuable. If it is anointed every day with all the usual Abishek/ bathing materials it will be damaged. So it is immersed in the tank and taken out once in forty years. Last time it was taken out in 1979.

What is the Forty Year wonder?

When it is taken out of the tank a great number of devotees gather to have the darshan (viewing). This time it was taken out in July/August and kept out for darshan for 48 days.

Few people reported that they are seeing it for the third time in their life!

What happened during 48 days?

During the 48 days in July/August 2019, over ten million people had the viewing of Lord in lying position and standing position.

Over ten million people contributed over Rs 9.9 crores during this period. Out of the 18 hundis (money box), 13 were open and 164 grams of gold, 4959 grams of silver, cash of nearly 100 million rupees were found.

Millions of people had free food. Rs.1-5 crore donation was received for Anna danam alone.

From President of India to a poor beggar in the street every one had the blessing of God.

What is the condition of the statue when it is taken out?

It was in good condition and applied with herbal oils.

On the re immersion day (178-2019,) 48 types of Prasadams were made and offered to the Lord.

How big is the statue?

12 feet tall and two and half feet wide.

Any more wonder?

The statue that is placed in the Vasanta Mandapam will be immersed on the 48th day. The tank dried for cleaning and other purposes will be automatically filled in by the rain. This time also the city and its suburbs had heavy rains.

When is the next darshan?

It will be in year 2059.

If we are all lucky we will have the Darshan!

I am attaching some paper cuttings for future generations.

One more wonder!

There re over 350 inscriptions in the temple. They are from

Chozas,Pandyas, Telugu chodas,

Pallava /Kadavarayas,Chera ,Kakatiya,


and devotees. 16 inscriptions are from the great ruler Krishnadevaraya (1510-528). Two of the inscriptions give a complete list of his conquests.

The Kalyana Mandapam alone has 800 bas reliefs depicting  various puranic themes. Wood carvings and paintings are also found in the temple.