When angry, count a hundred! (Post No 2565)


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Date: 22 February 2016


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This is the first part on Anger; in the second part,  I will give Tamil and Sanskrit quotations on ANGER.


1.He that is angry is seldom at ease.

2.An angry man never wants woe

3.Anger makes a rich man hated, and poor man scorned

4.Anger and haste hinder good counsel

5.Anger punishes itself


(My comments: Many angry people refuse to take food; refuse to attend important family or social events. This is how anger punishes one)


6.Wrath killeth the foolish man (Job 5:2)

7.Wrath often consumes that goodness husbands (Icelandic proverb)

8.Anger ends in cruelty.


(My comments: If you divide all the Crime stories in the newspapers about husband killing wife or wife poisoning husband or killing children, you will know what havoc anger can do. Lt of ignorant farmers kill others just for water or animals grazing in their fields. In Western countries, people divert their anger on pet cats and dogs)


9.Take heed of the wrath of a mighty man, and the tumult of the people.

10.From a choleric man withdraw a little; from him that says nothing for ever.

angry babay

11.Anger has no eyes (Hindi Proverb)

(My comments: Another saying about anger is “When a man is angry he opens his mouth and closes his eyes)


12.When a man grows angry, his reason rides out.

13.When wrath speaks , wisdom veils her face

14.Anger begins with folly, and ends with repentance

15.When a man is angry, he cannot be in the right (Chinese Proverb)


16.As fire is kindled by bellows, so is anger by words

(Fire- Anger simile is very popular in Tamil and Sanskrit literature; we will see it in the second part)

17.A hungry man is an angry man

(Great revolutions such as the French revolution happened because people became hungry and there was no food. French queen Marie Antoinette said this when people complained that they had no bread to eat; she was killed by the guillotine)


18.Patience provoked turns to fury

19.Short folk are soon angry

20.Anger dies quickly with a good man

(This is said by Hindu poets which will see in the second part)




21.Anger is a short madness

22.The anger is not warrantable that has seen two suns

23.He who slowly gets angry keeps his anger longer.

24.When angry, count a hundred

(This is a good exercise. The next proverb also says that delay is the best solution. Never ever send an e mail or a letter in haste. Write it and keep it abeyance for a day or two. When you read it again after 48 hours, you will soften your stand/language or completely tear the letter to pieces and throw it into the dust bin)

25.Delay is the antidote of anger

26.If you be angry, you may turn the buckle of your belt behind you (to provide a harmless outlet for one’s anger)

27.When meat is in, anger is out

28.A soft answer turneth away wrath (Proverbs 15:1)

29.Anger restrained is wisdom gained

30.When you enter into a house, leave the anger ever at the door.



31.He has wisdom at will, that with an angry heart can hold him still

32.Let not the sun go down upon your wrath (Ephesians 4:26)


33.Two things a man should never be angry at; what he can help, and what he cannot help.

34.He that is angry without a cause, shall be pleased wthout amends.