Acharya’s Advice to an Angry Brahmin!

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Date: 23 September 2015

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His Holiness Sringeri Shankaracharya Sri Sachidananda siva Abhinava Narasimha Bharati Svaminah (33rd Acharya) was staying in the bungalow of Sri P .N. Krishnamurti, the then Dewan of Mysore. He expressed to His Holiness his desire to give a rupee each to every Brahmana who came to his compound on a particular morning and requested Acharya to depute a competent person to carry it out.

(One rupee in today’s terms is equal to a Silver Coin)

His Holiness well pleased with his generous impulse asked a Sastri to attend to the proper distribution. Thereupon the Sastri entered upon the duty entrusted to him very early on that morning and went on distributing to thousands of Brahmins . Just about the noon the crowd was thinning and Sastri with aching legs and aching hands looked forward eagerly to the close and felt greatly relieved when there was none else in sight and turned about to enter the bungalow. Just then he heard someone call out Sir! Sir!. In his state of exhaustion, the Sastri naturally got vexed and shouted, “No, everything is over” and walked into the bungalow.

His holiness who was about three apartments off sent for the Sastri.

HH: I heard your voice louder than usual. Anything special?

Sastri: I have been standing at the gate from early morning distributing money and when I had finished doing so and turned back somebody called me and I waved him away.

HH: Did anybody approach you yesterday for money? You undertook to pay today and he came  when our host is so generously giving, wil we be carrying out his intention if we allow even one man to go away disappointed? The man is still at the gate. Go and pay him.

From the moment Satri was so patient that he never lost his temper.



Even when there as an occasion to chide a servant, His Holiness never used any harsh words.  Once when he went to shrine in the Mutt, he found out the lamp in the sactum was burning feebly. Without mentioning anything about it, he asked the Archaka (priest) there to bring a lighted lamp and added, “I want to see if there is light near the deity.” The Archaka immediately ran up and made the lamp burn brighter.

Source : Golden Sayings, Thenkarai, 1924.