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What is Research? Authors Anecdotes (Post No.4077)

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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.


The Emily Dickenson house in Amherst has been converted into a shrine, preserving the memory and relics of the distinguished American poetess. During his administration, President Coolidge, chancing to pass through Amherst, stopped off at the Dickinson shrine to do it honour.


In deference to the President he was shown throughout the house; permitted to see and handle many relics carefully shut away from the general public. At last the small upper room in which Emily Dickinson had done much of her writing, the greatest special privilege was conferred upon him. Stooping down, his guide opened a locked chest and removed from it a packet of holograph manuscripts of some of her most famous poems.

These were put into Coolidge’s hand. He examined them with interest And handed them back making, at the same time, his only comment on the entire tour, “Wrote with a pen, eh? I dictate”.




Research is………………..

Nicholas Murray Butler and Prof Brander Mathews of Columbia university were having a conversation, and Prof Mathews was giving his ideas on plagiarism from an article of his own on that subject.

In the case of the first man to use an anecdote, he said, there is originality; in the case of the second there is plagiarism; with the third there is lack of originality; and with the fourth it is drawing from a common stock.

“Yes”,  broke in President Butler, “and in the case of fifth, it is research”.



Synonyms and Antonyms!

Henry James could never rest content with the phrases that came to his tongue. He simply couldn’t leave the English language alone; he would extract a word from his verbal store house, drop it, substitute another ,then a third, and so on until he had constructed a veritable pyramid of synonyms. This terrible word malady broke out once at Princes Restaurant as he gave the waiter his order,

“Bring me…………, fetch me…………., carry me…………. supply me….. in other words (I hope you are following me) serve …………when it is cooked… scorched…. grilled. I should say a large…considerable…meaty ( as opposed to fatty ) …. chop .