Are you a Beggar? Beg only of God!!


Article No. 2105

Written by London swaminathan (தமிழில் மொழி பெயர்ப்பு)
Date : 28 August  2015
Time uploaded in London :– 9-47 am

A Sadhu (saint) living in a forest wanted some money for repairs to be done to his hut. He therefore went to the nearby kingdom so as to request the king to provide him with necessary funds. He entered the palace and enquired where the king was so that he could see him. The minister in charge of the palace asked him to sit for a while in the waiting room as the king was at prayers. The King’s Prayer room happened to be in the adjoining the one in which the sadhu sat. Now the sadhu could distinctly hear the king praying,

”Oh Lord of the universe, I appeal to You to grant me more wealth and prosperity than what I have now. Deign to shower your grace on me so that this prayer of mine be fulfilled.”

On hearing this, the sadhu suddenly got up and started to go. The prayer being over, the king came to the waiting room just at the moment the sadhu was leaving .The king asked the sadhu why he came and what he wanted.

The Sadhu replied, “I came to request you for some money for reconstructing my small hut in the forest. But I heard your pray begging to God for more wealth and more prosperity. I find you are a beggar like myself. So I felt no purpose will be served by asking for anything from a beggar like myself. I prefer on the other hand to directly approach the same Supreme God to whom you appeal for help”.

So saying the sadhu left.