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Date: 20 OCTOBER 2019
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Sri Venkaiah Naidu , Vice President of India, released a new postage stamp in May 2019 to commemorate the 750th birth anniversary of Sri Vedanta Desika, the great Vaishnavite philosopher.

Vedanta Desikan wrote over 100 books. He was considered the incarnation of The Bell that Brahma used in the worship of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumalai (Thiruppahi) Temple

 ‘Sri Vedanta Desikan is one of the most prominent preceptors in the Srivaishnava tradition and one of the most effulgent luminaries to have graced this land’, the Vice President said.

The Vice President termed Sri Vedanta Desikan’s scholarship as truly outstanding and said that he had authored brilliant poems, prose, drama, epics, commentaries, scientific texts and philosophical treatises in Sanskrit, Tamil, Prakrit and Manipravalam.

Shri Naidu emphasized that Vedanta Desikan was much more than a spiritual teacher and said that he was a multi-faceted personality– a scientist, a logician, a mathematician, a literary genius, a linguist, a military strategist and much more.


To commemorate the 700th birth anniversary of the great saint a silver bell was made and sent to 60 towns to spread the message of Sri Desikan.

Following interesting anecdotes are in the commemoration Souvenir.

Why no bell is used inside the Balaji temple?

What happened to the Bell that Brahma used?

An old man’s contribution of heavier cup!

A man who won several cups in Tennis offered all his cups to make the bell; and then what happened?

A poor woman who came with a broken silver spoon.

Several interesting anecdotes like these are in the souvenir. Please see the attachments.

I have already given the story of the Shoes of Sringeri Shankaracharya that were sent to Benares Hindu University, Rama’s shoes that ruled Kosala Kingdom for 14 years and the other shoes of great men in the museums and Pujas in India and the Hindu Hymns on Shoes. Here is the Story of a Bell:-

Volume from the British Library in London

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