SWAMI’S CROSS WORD 15619 (Post No.6552)

Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 15 June 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London – 16-09

Post No. 6552

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1. – (5 letters) -Thirst

4.  –(7)  Snake ;Shiva is called ………..Bhusana

5. –  (7)Ignorance, illusion

7. – (5) paste in Ayur Veda; also name of a town in Haryana

7.– (7) Krishna beheaded him when he insulted Krishn100th time

8. –(6) king of Matsya Desa; Pandavas spent incognito period in his court in disguise


1. – (5) donor; one who has sacrificed;  a martyr

2. –(6)  peace

3– (7) Gujaratis do this during Diwali by piling foods and sweets like a hill in the temple

6. A –(5)  particular part of a plough in Sanskrit