No Pain, No Gain! Wisdom from Villagers!

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Written by London swaminathan
Date : 29 August  2015
Time uploaded in London :– 19-56

Indians have been passing their age old wisdom through proverbs, stories and golden sayings (Subhasitas). The villagers who go to field in the morning and return during sun set after a daylong hard work never had time to go to school and learn. But they learnt a lot of things from stories told by their grandmas and grandpas when they were children.  Even when they were working in the fields they exchanged such stories and proverbs in their conversations. That is how we have developed the largest story collection in the world (Katha Sarit Sagara), 20,000 Tamil proverbs and 20000 Sanskrit Subhasitas (Golden sayings).

Here is one more story to show how people learn some truths by the hard way:

There was wealthy villager in a village. He worked hard all through his life in his filed which is vast covering acres of land. He earned a lot of money through his successful farming. But his eight lazy sons were spending money in gambling. They did not go to the fields at all. They competed with one another in wasting father’s money. Their father tried all the ways to teach them good things, but failed in his attempts. When he was 85 year old and in his death bed, he called all is children to tell them about his will. Everyone was eager to know what he has written in his will and how much each one would get.

But he told them, “Look, my sons, I am not going to tell how much each one would get. But I will tell you a secret. I have buried all my treasures in various places in our vast land. It is definitely more than eight places. So whoever digs the land and gets it, it is his own. So the more places you dig, more you would get. But there is one condition. If you all respect me, don’t take it before my death”.

er uzavan

Every one of his sons was eagerly waiting for the farmer’s death. And the day came. The farmer died and after cremating his body all his sons ran to the fields with axe and other equipment’s and started vigorous digging. Several days passed. No one got anything. And the rainy season came. It started raining heavily making the fields muddy. Then his sons met together and decided to cultivate crops. They divided the land among themselves and did grow the same crops like their father. Because of vigorous digging and timely rain they had a very good harvest. They made big money. Then they realised what his father meant by “burying treasure under the earth.”

No pain, No gain