More Folk Tales- Riches are Destructible, Learning is Indestructible (Post No.7828)


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Two young men named Sumugan and Sugunan, who lived in the town of Janarthanapuram in the Malayala country, set out for another country with the intention of getting property and return. Each taking hundred gold coins went to Benares in the north.

One of them, Sumugan, started business investing his hundred gold coins and made big profits. In course of time he obtained great wealth. Sugunan, in the meantime, spent all his money in learning all the subjects. Having studied all the sciences, he became very learned. But he was poor. Both of them decided to return to home town after two years. Sumugan loaded all his wealth on the back of camels and horses and asked Sugunan to accompany him.

As they were going along through a forest , robbers attacked them and took away all the money . Afterwards both of them became poor and reached their home town. Sumugan decided to start some business from the scratch.

Sugunan was waiting for an opportunity to use his studies. At the time, the  local king was looking for some learned man  for his assembly. Sugunan went and displayed his learning and got a post. Sumugan thinking about his lost property’s become sorrow full.

Moral of the story is….

Riches can be destroyed but learning can’t be destroyed.


Four and Three make a Difference

As four persons were traveling together toward a town , they found on the way a pot full of gold coins under a tree. One of them said because he saw it first he must be given more than others. Another said because he took it with his own hands they owe him more money. Each one was claiming more than what he deserved. Having quarrelled with each other and debating for a long time they could not find a solution. They saw a shop where there was a merchant. They decided to seek his advice. But they were all hungry. So they decided to deposit the pot of gold with the merchant and have shower and lunch first. They put all the coins in one leather bag and sealed it.

They went to the merchant and said,

Look , this is a sealed bag . Keep it please. We will be back soon. But you should give it only when four of us ask for it .

They went to the nearby tank, took bath, cooked food and ate it. They wanted to chew betel and nuts . They decided to buy it from the same merchant. So they sent one among them with the instruction to take away one coin and buy betelnuts and betel.

He went to the shop and demanded the bag. The merchant refused to give it saying all the four must ask for it . Immediately he shouted to his other three friends to give him permission. Those idiots asked the merchant,

“oh, merchant, give him the bag please”.

Because four of them asked together he gave him the bag full of gold coins. After receiving it, he went his own way. The other three got worried and came to the merchant and  asked for the bag.

He told them that he already gave it to one of them after they said yes. But they disputed it and took the merchant to town magistrate.

He asked them to put forth their arguments.

We deposited with the merchant a bag saying he should give it back only when FOUR of us asked for it.

Next the merchant said these THREE came back and asked for the bag.

Magistrate said the merchant did the right thing and dismissed the case.

Numbers are important in a case.

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Four Interesting Speech Anecdotes! (Post No. 2449)

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Date: 1 January 2016


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Lower Animals!

Henry Ward Beecher was once in the midst of an address. A drunken spectator interrupted him by crowing like a rooster. Beecher was imperturbable; looking at his watch he said, “What! Morning already? I would never have believed it, but the instinct of the lower animals are infallible.”



Still raining! You may speak!!


Dr MacNamara on one occasion, while speaking in a marquee at Bridlington, during a torrential rain, said to the audience, “I am afraid I have kept you too long”.

“Go on, sir, It is still raining,” a voice in the rear replied.




Blowing Whale!

General Sam Carey, the great Ohio orator, was finishing up an exceptionally fiery oration: “You cannot keep me down”, he shouted, “Though I may be pressed below the waves I rise again; you will find that I come to the surface, gentlemen.”

An old whaler, who happened to be in the audience, said, and not too quietly, “Yes, you come to the surface to blow.”



I said nothing important!

On one occasion, when George III came out of the House of Lords after opening the session of Parliament, he addressed Lord Eldon thus: “Lord Chancellor, did I deliver the speech well?”

“Very well indeed, sir”, was the enthusiastic answer.

“I am glad of that”, replied the king, “For there was nothing in it.”