Gambling Anecdotes (Post No.5140)



Date: 23 JUNE 2018


Time uploaded in London –  11-57 am  (British Summer Time)


Post No. 5140


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Picture by Lalgudi Veda

At a large party, Mrs Henry Clay, chaperoning a young lady, passed through a room where gentlemen we’re playing cards, Mr Clay among them.
“Is this a common practice?, inquired the young lady.
“Yes, said Mrs Clay, they always play when they get together.”
“Doesn’t it distress you to have Mr Clay gamble?”
“No, my dear, said the old lady composedly , he most always wins.”


An ailing book maker sent his son to summon the doctor. Instead of the expected man, a stranger arrived. Later the book maker asked for an explanation.
“Well,said the boy ,there were a lot of brass plates on the doors, and when I got to the one you told me to go to, it said,
Consultations 11 to 12.
The one next to it said, 10 to 1.
And I knew you would like the one who gave the best odds

Comedian Win

The British comedian, Beatrice Lillie, once won a hundred and fifty thousand franks at Chemin de fer through having the hiccoughs. Her repeated convulsions and noises were interpreted by the croupier as cries of Banquo.

BANQUO: Character in Macbeth, Gambling, Bank.

Anti Poker Grandma was cheated!

A Grandmother was bitterly opposed to gambling games, especially poker, but gave her sanctions to the playing of authors. So the grandchildren engaged her interests in the game of her choice. Her enthusiasm increased as the game progressed, and while she knew that the cards used were a deck of authors ,she didn’t know that the game she was playing was poker , and that grand mother was enthusiastically playing Whittier’s wild (Poems)