As you sow, so you shall reap!




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Date: 14th September 2015

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Hindus believe in Karma theory. They know the deeds of one individual will follow the individual in his/her next birth. What a person has done in former birth, will come upon him again. There is a saying in Tamil that “He who sows millet, reaps millet, he who sows deeds (good or bad) will reap accordingly”. Hindus also believe that Brahma, the creator, has already written in one’s head what is going to happen. It cannot be changed.

“That which does not exist will not come into existence, and that which exists will not be annihilated” – is another saying. They have several stories in their folklore and scriptures. Here is a story to show that inherited fate will not expire.

There was a priest in a Kali (goddess) temple. He used to swindle money allocated to make Prasad (Food Offering) for the goddess. Even the Prasad he made for public distribution, was not distributed it to the public. Because of his overeating, he fell sick. Then he prayed to Goddess that he would sacrifice two goats to the goddess if he was cured. His illness was cured in a weeks’ time. Then he sacrificed two animals just to satisfy his hunger.

In the meantime, there was severe drought in the kingdom. So the king and the minister decided to visit the Kali temple. As soon as the priest saw the king and minister coming, he thought that they were coming to punish him for all his bad acts. So he hid himself behind the goddess Kali’s statue.

The king and the minister prayed loudly, “Oh Merciful Mother! The country is suffering from acute drought for a long time. You must save the country and the people by showering timely rain”. Then the goddess replied that she needs a human sacrifice to set things right. Immediately the king told the minister that it was the solemn duty of a king to protect his people. So let me sacrifice myself. But the minister objected to his proposal and said there are several ministers to help the king. But there is only one king so let me die for the sake of the country.

They argued like this for a long time. At last they decided to ask goddess about her choice. Before they opened their mouth, Goddess said loudly, “When I said human sacrifice I did not mean you people. Please sacrifice the priest who is hiding behind me”. Both of them got the priest and took their sword to finish him off. He also said his last prayer, “Oh, Mother! I have been serving you for half a century. And yet you wanted my blood! Why? Why?”


Goddess said smilingly, “Dear priest! You became sick because of your over eating. And yet you found an excuse to eat more and sacrificed two innocent animals. As you sow, so shall you reap.”

The king and the minister cut off the head of the priest. Goddess appeared before them and asked what they wanted now. They told her to remove the drought by regular rain and revival of the dead priest. She did both according to their request. The priest behaved from that day. There was copious rain fall which made everyone happy.

This is a folk tale.