Max Muller about Tennyson: Habits die hard! (Post No 2745)


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Date: 21 April 2016


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Thomas-Alva-Edison  Thomas-Alva-Edison-

Cabbage Cigars of Thomas Alva Edison!!

Thomas Edison was telling Mr Cary story one day about the way his friends, when they came into his office, would help themselves to his pure Havana cigars. “They just take them by the handful”, he said.

“Why don’t you lock them up?”, said Mr.Cary.

“Never could remember to do it”, returned Edison. Then, Johnson, my secretary you know, did a clever trick. He had a friend in the cigar business and promised to get him to make me some entirely of cabbage leaves and brown paper.  I thought that was a fine scheme.  But the cigars didn’t come, so I asked him one day about it when I noticed my Havanas disappearing again.

“Why, I sent them to you”, he said. “I left them with your manager.”

“I called the manager in and asked him where those cigars were. “Why”, he said, “I put them in your valise when you went to California last month. I didn’t know what they were”.

“Do you know, Cary” continued Edison, “I smoked every one of those damned cigars myself!”



This story is told my Max Muller (1823-1900):

“Alfred Lord Tennyson’s pipe was almost indispensable to him, and I remember one time when I and several friends were staying at his house, the question of smoking turned up. Some of his friends taunted Tennyson that he could never give up tobacco.

‘Anybody can do that’, he said, ‘if he chooses to do it’.

When his friends till continued to doubt and to tease him, ‘well’, he said ‘I shall give up smoking from tonight’.


The very same evening I was told that he threw his tobacco and his pipes out of the window of his bed room. The next day he was most charming, though somewhat self-righteous.  The second day he became very moody and captious, the third day no one knew what to do with him. But after a disturbed night, I was told that he got out of his bed in the morning, and quietly went into the garden, picked up one of his broken pipes, stuffed it with the remains of the tobacco scattered about, and then having had a few puffs, came to breakfast all right again”.