Numbers in the Rig Veda! Rig Veda Mystery-2

Vedas 9

Research Paper written by London Swaminathan
Post No. 1265; Dated 3rd September 2014.

There are as many bluffers in the field of Rig Vedic study as we have in the study of Indus Valley script. The so called Vedic “scholars” from foreign countries bluffed us into believing that they were real scholars. Actually they used Sanskrit Pundits for translation into colloquial English and then interpreted the hymns in English and German according to their whims and fancies. They dubbed some characters as demons and some as devas, Mundas, Aryas, Dravidas etc. The same thing happened in the study of Indus valley Civilization. They interpreted the script according to their imagination. The day the script is deciphered, thousands of books will be burnt as rubbish. They are like circus clowns and buffoons!

Numbers occur in the Vedas in innumerable places. Vedic numbers are mysterious. The Vedic seers had an obsession with the numbers. They used number symbolism making it difficult for interpretation. This led to a new genre of obscure poetry in later day Tamil literature.

I submitted two Research papers at the World Tamil Conference in 1995 in Thanjavur: 1.NUMBER IN SAGAM TAMIL LITERATURE and 2.COLOUR IN SAGAM TAMIL LITERATURE. Since they were submitted after the deadline they did not enter the books. But I attended seminars for two days in different rooms and distributed them personally. From that day I have a fascination about numbers. Here are some facts about numbers in the Vedas. The only oldest religious book in the world used till today is the Rig Veda. It has got decimal numbers 10, 100, 1000, 100,000 in hundreds of places. Hindus discovered the decimal system and the biggest numbers.


Following is only a sample of the numbers in the Rig Veda:
RV 5-29-8 3X100 =300 No of offerings of Soma
8-85-8 63 No of Maruts
10-34-8 53 No of Dice 50+3
10-114-6 36 No of Saucers 33+3
10-53-3 34 No of Lights 33+1
8-28-1 33 No of Gods
3-4-9 33 No of Gods


How many People did Indra kill?

RV 6-26 100,000 number of people killed by Indra
RV 6-26 60,000 number of people killed by Indra
RV 4-30 100,000 number of people killed by Indra
RV 1-53 10,000 20 captains+60099+10000
RV6-27 3000 number of people killed by Indra
RV 2-14-6 100X 1000 persons killed
2-13-9 100X10 Dasas killed
2-14-6 100,000 100X1000 killed
7-19-14 6666 No of Dasas killed 3300+3300+33+33
(AV9-5-2) 6333 No of Gandharvas
RV3-9-9 3339 No of Gods (3003+303+33)
((Satapata Brahmana 3306 No of Gods (3003+303) )
RV4-27-6 3000 No of Warriors killed 3X1000


How many Forts did Indra destroy?

RV 2- 14 100 Ancient castles
RV 1-130 90 forts
RV 1-53 100 forts

RV10-98-10 99000 No of wagon loads (100 000—1000=99000)
RV 1-54-6 99 Forts of Sambara 100-1
2-19-6 99 Forts of Sambara 100-1
10-98-11 99000 No of wagons 100000—10000
1-130-7 90 forts of Dasas
8-1-24 1100 steeds of Indra 1000+100
10-97-1 107 No of Herbs 100+7
10-130-1 101 No of ministers 100+1
10-93-15 77 No of horses 70+7


8-6-46 100,000 No of Gifts
8-5-37 100+10,000 100 camels and 10,000 cows gifted
8-46-32 100 100 camels donated
10-93-15 77 Number of horses 70+7
8-85-8 7X9 No of Maruts
5-52-7 7X7 No of Maruts
10-55-3 5×7 No of Gods
10-90-15 3X7 Maruts
7-9-11 21 persons killed 7X3

2-12 40 shambara was found after 40 autumns
7-18 10 Dasa Raja yuddha
5-62-1 1000 Thousand Pillar Hall
1-116-3 100 Hundred oared ship saves Bhujyu

RV 1000 many contexts


1) We can see a pattern in using the numbers here. So they don’t mean it literally.
2) 99, 99,000 and such numbers are symbolic.
3. Killing 100, 000 may mean killing a lot of people; not necessarily exactly one lakh!
4.The word “Kill”– itself may have different meaning
5.Look at the camel and Cow donations. So they are not nomads from snow clad Siberia!
6.Look at the 1000 pillared Mandap (Hall). Vedic seers are great architects.
7.Look at the 100 oared huge ship. They are marine engineers and navigators!
8.Look at the wagon loads. You can imagine the great transport in those days
9.Look at the decimal system throughout the Vedas. It shows that they are all sons of the soil and not from outside because neither Bible nor Sumerian nor Egyptian has such uniform decimal numbers. Semitic people did not know big numbers.


Vishnu Sahasranamam of Mahabharata says Sahasra Koti Yugadharine Nama: (Ten thousand Million Yugas! Yuga itself a very big number!). Semitic literature is obsessed with number Forty or 3X40=120– not above that!

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Hindu Symbolism in Paris!

egypt meditation
Egyptian scribe in Yogasana posture in Louvre Museum, France.

Research article Written by London Swaminathan
Post No.1249; Dated 24th August 2014.

I went to Paris with my family in August 2014 after a gap of 24 years. I did not see much change! I missed the most famous Louvre museum last time, but I covered the Palace of Versailles. During this trip my main purpose was to see the famous painting MONALISA of Italian artist Learnado da Vinci and Hindu exhibits in the Louvre museum. I was disappointed because there wasn’t any remarkable Hindu sculpture there. But there were some surprises! I was thrilled to see a big poster outside the Louvre museum with an Egyptian sitting in Yogasana posture. Since I have already written some research articles such as

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man vahanam
Statue of Artemis in Louvre Museum
ma n2

I went straight in to that section and took some photos. My views are confirmed once again. Egyptians learnt a lot from us. Historians knew about it and already listed Dasaratha letters in all encyclopaedias. But my view is that even before the Dasaratha letters, Egyptians had connections with the West Coast of India. Most of the standing statues are similar to Jain statues of India. Sitting posture is in Padmasana or some Yogasana. The caps look like Araiyar (Vaishnavite singers in South Indian temples) caps. The snake on the crown looks like Shiva. Kanchi Parmacharya had pointed out Ramses similarity in his 1936 Chennai talks.

Candle lighted in Sacred Heart Cathedral,Paris

Vahanas Research
The next thing that attracted me was the Statue of Artemis with a deer (Stag). I have done extensive research in VAHANAS of HINDU GODS and GODDESSES. I have written scores of articles on this. Tamil epic Silappadikaram describes Goddess Durga riding a deer or stag (Kalaiyathurthi). Hindu goddesses are depicted with deer or stags. I have also written about Deer Chariot of Santa Claus is from the Rig Veda. So I eagerly went to the statue of Artemis and took some pictures.

notredame cathedral
Notredame Cathedral

Roman Catholic and Hindu customs
Scholars have already pointed out that most of the Roman Catholic customs are based on Hindu and Buddhist practises. I wrote a lengthy two part article on this topic under “Sanskrit in The Bible” sometime ago. I had more surprises at the Church of Sacred Heart (Basilique du Sacré Couer) in Paris. There were two types of candles sold there for 2 Euros and 10 Euros. Devotees of Christ were buying them and lighting them up in the place allocate for this. Anyone visiting South Indian Temple can see such lamps are lighted in front of Durga or Sanaicharan (Saneeswaran) statues.

sacred heart2
Sacred Heart Cathedral

The nest surprise was waiting in another part of the church. There were envelopes and a box to put your demands (Demande de messes) or requests to present it to God. But the charge is 17 Euros!! It is like the Hindus doing Archana to god by paying a fee. There are Hundis (money boxes) everywhere.

Lion Throne (Simhasanam)

Lion Throne = Simhasanam
The concept a king sitting on a LION THRONE is a Hindu concept. Though we see it in Mycenaean and Middle East gates, lions live in India and Africa alone. The word Caesar (King) came from the word Kesari, lion in Sanskrit. It is like the SINGH suffix with North Indian names. I took some photos of Lion Throne and Kamadenu Throne in Louvre Museum. That was another surprise for me.

kamadenu asanam
Kamadenu Asanam from Louvre

Some novel ideas
There are machines selling medals as mementoes in several churches in Rome and Paris (Notre dame Cathedral). Hindu temples also can sell such medals with the picture of god and temple. Now the private parties are doing it outside every temple and ripping off people.

medallion making machine at Notredame Cathedral

Churches in Rome, Paris and Vatican are huge like the temples of South India, but they are not as ancient as Hindu temples. Architecture and sculptures are stereotyped.


There is a novel superstitious custom in Western countries of putting Love locks in river bridges with lovers names on them. In spite of these Love Locks divorces are increasing in Western countries. This is from River Seine.