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This is Heaven – Part II

by S.Nagarajan

Post No 1639; Dated 10th February 2015.


On 8th February (Post No 1633) I posted the first part of This is Heaven. Here is the second part-swami

The celestial messenger, after describing the Heaven started telling the disadvantages of the heaven to Sage Mudgala.


“A person, while reaping the fruit of the acts he had already performed , can not be engaged in any others. Also he must enjoy the consequences of the former until they are completely exhausted. Further, he is subject to fall after he had entirely exhausted his merits.

The fall of a person whose mind had been steeped in happiness must be pronounced as a fault. The discontent and regret that must follow one’s stay at an inferior seat after one had enjoyed more auspicious and brighter regions must be hard to bear.

The consciousness of those about to fall is stupefied and also agitated by emotions. As the garlands of those about to fall fade away, fear invade their hearts. This mighty drawbacks extend even to the regions of Brahma.


In the celestial regions, the virtues of men who have performed righteous acts are countless.  This is another of the attributes of the fallen that, by reason, they attain to high fortune and happiness.

If one comes by an inferior birth, however, cannot  acquire knowledge in heaven.

The fruits of acts done in this world are reaped in the next.

This world has been declared as one of acts, the others as one of fruit.”

The celestial messenger thus described fully the advantages and disadvantages of the heaven,

Having heard this Sage Mudgala started reflecting in his mind.

Having deliberated well, he told the messenger,” Oh, messenger of the gods, I bow to you. Please depart in peace. I have nothing to do with either happiness or heaven having such prominent defects. Persons who enjoy heaven suffer, huge misery and extreme regret in this world. Therefore, I do not desire heaven. I shall seek for that unfailing region where people have not to lament or to be pained or agitated. You have described to me these great defects belonging to the celestial regions. Please tell me about a region free from these faults”

The messenger then described the Vishnu loka to the sage and left.The sage bade farewell to him and assumed perfect contentment. Praise and dispraise became equal to him. A brickbat , stone, and gold assumed the same aspect in his eyes. He always engaged himself in meditation. By means of knowledge he obtained power and acquired excellent understanding.

Then he attained that supreme state of emancipation which is regarded as Eternal.


This excellent portion in Mahabharata, Vana Parva gives a beautiful description of Heaven.


For full details one may go through the chapters  about  Durvasa’s visit to the sage  Mudgala.

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Note: Interested persons may download (free) full Mahabharata (18 parvas) in English. (Mr Ganguly’s translation, published in 1896)