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1.I am letter A – said God

Every one knows that Bhagavan Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita that He is letter A among Letters/Alphabets. Tamil Veda Tirukkural’s author repeated this in the very first couplet among the 1330  couplets and showed his indebted to Lord Krishna. Jesus Christ repeated this in the Bible by saying I am the Alpha. And Sundaramurthy Swami in Thevaram also repeated what Lord Krishna said. Following this I did a research by studying the index of 20 to 30 Tamil books and 20 to 30 Sanskrit books. The same pattern is followed in both the languages. Words beginning with A will occupy 10 to 15 percent. That is the majority if you count letter wise. Then ‘Aa’ (long sound) will be very less in proportion. Then E will occupy more verses than EE. In short ,long letters will occupy less than short letters. ( I have published the tables several years ago). See the link below

This type of comparison is not possible between other two languages because Tamil and Sanskrit are closer than any two languages in the world. And the dictionaries of these languages are in similar alphabetical order. If you take European languages it will go in A B C D order

From the day Nikandu (thesaurus in Tamil ) and dictionary began until today , all those contain more Sanskrit words than Tamil words; but the they are called Tamil Dicionaries.

What is my conclusion?

I have deciphered the Indus Sarasvati Seals only 5 % percent! If I have deciphered fully, I would have got Super Nobel Prize by this time!!

My conclusion is that the Initial letter occurring highest number of times in Indus/Saraswati seals has A sound. Whether it is alphabetical or logo syllabic or X Y Z, the initial letter is A sounding word! So I decipher the symbol that occupies initial position in Indus seals is A sounded word!

Why did Tamils call all Nikandus and dictionaries printed in Tamil as TAMIL dictionaries though they contained more Sanskrit words: They did it because they saw Sanskrit and Tamil are two eyes the Motherland



My second discovery is Indian languages form one family. Foreigners wrongly classified both belonging to two different unrelated families- Dravidian and Indo Aryan. They developed this theory to divide Hindus and rule India. Moreover they wanted to justify their occupation of India. They said Dravidians came from the Mediterranean and Aryans came from Central Asia. You all came just after 4100 BCE. So why shouldn’t we rule you? Biblical scholars found out the world and human beings came into the world after 4100 BCE. All foreign scholars agreed on these two points. So I consider them motivated propagandists.

So, what is my conclusion?

Tamil and Sanskrit came from the same source as Hindu scriptures say. Everybody agree that Lord Shiva sent Saint Agastya to codify a grammar for Tamil language. He came from the Himalayas. Tamil and Sanskrit are similar in structure. It is not the morphological similarities; It is anatomical. No one can impose such conditions by writing a grammar book. The sandhi rules and the letter changes are amazingly similar in approach. Moreover until today only Sanskrit and Tamil only follow the Sandhi rules. If you don’t follow the rules it is considered ungrammatical. No other ancient  language has Sandhi rules. If they have, then they are formed from Sanskrit.

Not only these rules smashed the theories of foreigners. They said Aryans said Agnimee’De’ purohitam (RV HYMN 1-1) and learnt the soft sound from Dravidians in Indus valley “L “ sound and started singing Agnimee’Le’ purohitam. Biggest Joke! Even in Asokan inscriptions and Katyayana’s Vartka we see ‘CoDa’ instead of ‘CoLa’. Why didn’t they change to ‘L’ sound!!! And English changed it to Co’R’omandal coast.

How come Odyssey become Ulysseus?

How did Malagasy become Madagascar?

How did Utkala become Orissa and then Odissa?

How come Musim month is pronounced as Ramazan/ Ramadan/Ramalan?

Even Pacific islands have this D /L change.

Kanchi Paramacharya (1894-1994) smashed all these theories by quoting Vedic Pratisakyas. And more over, these sound changes are natural. Even 750  languages of New Guinea Island will have these.

And thousands of Tamil words are in English .

Scores of Tamil words are in Greek.

All these can be explained by ‘One Language Family of India Theory’.

A language can develop in only two ways – Centum languages or Satam languages.

In other words ancient languages branched out in Tamil Way or Sanskrit Way.

Ekam will change to ONE in Tamil (and English as well)

Ashta will change to EIGHT(U) in Tamil and English.

In short all words in ancient languages can be traced in Tamil or Sanskrit

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Kanchi Paramacharya pointed out the Vedic Pratisakya rule of Inter changeability of J and Y. All encyclopaedias give wrong information about J sound. I was wrongly written with a downward stroke and that became J. And Y becoming J by mistaken identity! But the entire world can be divided into ‘J language and Non J languages’ parts. That is my discovery. By studying the absorption of this J into other languages we can even find out the chronological development of ancient languages. This shows Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world with lot of ‘J words’ in the Rig Veda (Jagat, Janani, Jana etc).

YAHW, Yesu, Yusuf, Jew became Jehova, Jesus, Joseph and Jew not by mistaken pronunciation, but by Pratisakya rule.

Though the credits go to Kanchi Shankaracharya (1894-1994), the division of ‘J languages and Non J languages’ is my own discovery.

For instance, if a J sounded word is identified in Indus/ Sarasvati seals then it is definitely related to Sanskrit. Tamil language banned Ja, Ya,Sa, Nja, La, Ra as initial letters. So Tamil cannot claim anything for Ja or Sa etc.

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Hindus Sanskrit scholars dated Kalidasa around Second century BCE. Foreigners who ruled India dated him around Gupta dates. Kalidasa is famous for his 1500 similes. Of these similes, over two hundred are in Sangam Tamil works. Since Sangam Tamil works have a definite date , i.e. first three centuries of our era (CE), Kalidasa definitely lived before Sangam Era. One may wonder whether Kalidasa borrowed them from Tamil sources and the  answer is a definite NO. All those similes are about Himalayas, Ganges or Hindu Gods that aare found in North India. I have shown it n my 25 plus articles



All the 30,000 lines of Sangam literature are influenced by Vedic thoughts  or words. For instance if one removes Sanskrit words such as Kama (amorous), Manam (Mind) Loka (world) etc Tamil will become unreadable. It would look like Virus affected software! Tamil Veda Tirukkural has 30 percent Sanskrit usage. So Tamils accepted use of Sanskrit from Tolkappiam days without damaging the language. So even if someone deciphers Indus- Sarasvati seals it will be a hybrid of Tamil and Sanskrit, it is not complete Sanskrit. Though many have spoken about the proportion of Sanskrit words in Sangam literature and Post Sangam Tirukkural ,no one has shown the PROPRTION OF THEIR USAGE.

For instance the Sanskrit word KAMA is used in Tirukkural at least 18 times and Mana (mind) in over ten places! The Sanskrit word Adikaara is used in 133 chapters!! Also in the oldest Tamil book Tolkappiam and Tamil epic Silappadikaram




Word ‘Pon’ in Tamil means Gold, Iron and Five Metals. In the same way Asva and Ayas were used by Vedic poets to mean Horse and other fast animals and Iron and other metals. Indra was a common noun meaning Leader. But foreigners who translated Vedas, got confused with Asva and Ayas and Indra and misled the world. It is same with the word ‘Yavana’. This occurs in Valmiki Ramayana and Mahabharata several times. foreigners translated it as Greeks and confused the world . Greeks are Yavanas but not all Yavanas are Greeks!. Even in Greek, it meant a small Ionia enclave in Turkey.  Tamils used the word Mlecha and Yavana for Romans with whom they had very good commercial contacts. I have pointed out these mistakes in my articles.

And my conclusion is

That Yavanas were indigenous people who lived in North West India and were good architects and artisans. Probably one group migrated to Iran and Turkey and from there to Greece . Even Kalidasa described Persians as Yavanas.



German Sanskrit Scholar Max Muller was a man of contradictions. Goldstucker and Aravindar (Aurobindo) and many other scholars have exposed his contradictions. He dated the Rig Veda q1200 BCE based on two  things 1. A ghost story in Katha Sarith Sagara of 1000 CE, 2.and based on his own pet theory that ‘A language changes every 200 years’. Both these were not followed in any part of the world. The same Katha Sarith Sagara has 101 funny things.  If the same language gap of 200 years applied to Tamil literature all the dates of important Tamil works will tumble. They will fall like a pack of cards as you see in the game of Domino. I don’t know whether it is applied to any other language in the world. The current dates for Tamil Veda Tirukkural, Tamil epic Silappadikaram etc would change beyond belief.

Though  MM himself backtracked on his dating of Rig Veda saying it may belong to 1500 BCE or even before; No force on earth could decide the date of RV! Because of his contradictions and attacks on RV, he was dead scared to come to India. He never came to India because of this fear.

My conclusion is that his 200 year stage to establish the date of any literature is wrong. If any one supports his theory they must show examples from other languages, particularly Indian languages. Change is inevitable in any field. But arbitrary fixing of 200 years for Vedic literature is s idiotic.

Aryan Invasion Theory is binned as soon as scientific data about Saraswati River was released. So I have nothing new to say.



A person is only 50 percent Indian if one knows only one of the two ancient languages -Tamil and Sanskrit. One must know both the languages to interpret anything in Indian History or Hindu Culture. A person would be in a better position if he knows Latin or Greek in addition to Tamil and Sanskrit (Sri Aurobindo was one such person).

Scholars who excavated Indus- Sarasvati sites, misled the entire world by proposing Shiva worship, Lingam- Yoni worship, Dravidian origin for language or script. Because of this wrong approach, all fall into this grew and came out with zero result. A completely new approach should be adopted to decipher the script. Like I proposed ‘A sound’ for Highest Used initial symbol, we can allocate sound for cluster of symbols. One must forget the ‘foreign Virus of Aryan-Dravidian divisions.

9.In the second part I will show my scientific discoveries; these are already written in these blogs; and they are about Time Travel, Big Bang and Big Shrink, Brahmastra is Nuclear Weapon, Hindu Concept of Aliens and ETs, Nadi Jothisa and NASA scientists, Hindu concept of Biology (84 Laksha Yoni beda) and Hindu concept of  Microcosm (body) and Macrocosm (Universe), India is the richest country in the world, Vamsavali in Upanishads showing the age of Vedas etc. My History Discoveries will be dealt with separately

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