Preach what you Practise! Practise what you Preach!! (Post No. 2438)

bengali rasgulla

Picture of Bengali Rasgullas


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Date: 29 December 2015


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The wife of Tseng Tze was going to the market with her infant son, who cried on the way. Hoping to stop him crying, she told him that on reaching home she would kill a pig for dinner. When they reached home, Tseng Tze, who heard of this, proceeded to seize the pig. The wife stopped him, saying she had only joked with the child.


To this he replied: you cannot joke with a child in this way. A child has no knowledge of his own, but depends for it on his parents and follows their instructions. If you deceive him, you will be teaching him to practise deceptions. This will not do. Accordingly they had the pig killed for dinner.

—Anecdote from China



rk paramahamsa

Following is the anecdote I posted here, five years ago, on 5th November 2011


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Rasgulla

Practise what you preach and preach what you practise. Then you develop magical powers. One day a lady came to see Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Having heard many stories about Ramakrishna’s greatness she came for a very simple thing- just to stop her son eating Rasgulla – the milk sweet! She begged and prayed to Paramahamsa to stop his son eating them. Bengalis are very fond of these sweets. Her son was eating them uncontrollably. Wherever she hides them he can find and gobble them up at an amazing speed. When she became frustrated she brought him to Paramahamsa. He smiled at them and asked them to come another day.



She came back after a week or so and the same old story happened. After listening to all her complaints he asked them to come after some time. Again when they went to Paramahamsa, it was the same old story. The woman was very angry but she wanted to give Paramahamsa one last chance. When she went for the last time she determined in her mind to shout at him if he sent them home without a solution. But to her surprise Paramahamsa asked them to wait. He told the boy firmly,” Hey little boy, don’t eat sweets any more”. The boy nodded his head to say yes. The woman thought that Paramahamsa just dodged them. When she went home, the boy did not show any interest in the sweets. She wanted to test her son. Now she put them openly so that he can easily see them. He didn’t even care.



Wonder struck woman went to Paramahamsa with her son and paid her respects. With a lot of hesitation she asked Paramahamsa, “Swamiji ! you asked us to go back home and come back here several times. At the end of the session you just told him a few words and it worked miracles. Till this day he never touched the sweets again. What is the secret?”


Ramakrishna Paramahamsa smiled and said to her, “Madam, when you came for the first time I was also very fond of the same Rasgullas like your son. With very great difficulty I consumed them little by little. When I completely stopped eating Rasgullas and got full control over my tongue, I told your son not to eat it. I am very glad to know that he completely stopped it.”


This anecdote has a very big lesson for us. If you preach what you practise then your words get magical powers and can do wonders.