POMPOUSNESS (I am a V.I.P. attitude) ANECDOTES! (Post No.2998)

queen of Nepal

Picture of Queen of Nepal

Compiled by London swaminathan

Date:23 July 2016

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I am an M.P.


A peddler with a hand-cart full of shrimps was ordered out of the way by a member of Parliament, who was trying to park his limousine.

Look out yourself,” said the coster.

Do you realize,” demanded the other that I have an M.P at the end of my name?”

“So ‘as every blarsted shrimp in this ‘ere cart”


Take Two Chairs!


A pompous young man called on Joseph Choate the prominent lawyer and statesman The lawyer was busy and asked the young man to take a chair. But the youth was impatient and again interrupted the lawyer with the remark

“I am Bishop Blank’s son”


“Please take two Chairs” said Mr. Choate.



victor hugo, germany

Victor Hugo! Who is he?


When Victor Hugo was an aspirant for the honors of the Academy, and called on M. Royer Collard to ask his vote, the sturdy veteran professed an entire ignorance of his name.


I am the author of “Notre Dame de Paris Les derniers Tours d’un Condamne’; “Marion Delorme etc.


“I have never heard of any of them.”


“Will you do me the honor of accepting a copy of my works?’


“I never read new books.”



Oscar Wilde


To Boston is attributed the credit of having retorted to the superciliousness of Oscar Wilde in kind. “You’re Philistines,” Wilde accused his Boston audience, who have invaded the sacred sanctum of Art.”


A voice in the audience called out, “And you’re driving us forth with the jawbone of an ass”


 brahms 2

Brahms Compositions!


Widmann relates that “when the school-masterish music director of a very small Swiss town graciously assured Brahms that he was familiar with every one of his compositions, the Master motioned him with his hand to be still and listen attentively, as the festival orchestra was just then playing something of his own. It was, however, a military march by Gungl. I can still see the good man before me, how with open mouth and reverent contorted eyes he listened to the rather commonplace fanfares, which he now really held to be a Brahms composition while Brahms, in outrageous glee over his successful trick, whispered to the rest of us: Just look at the Basilio. (the hypocritical dupe in Rossini’s “Barber of Seville’)





God Relieved!


A Congressman said to Horace Greeley one day: I am a self-made man.” “That sir,” said Greeley, “relieves the Almighty of a great responsibility.”




Don’t Laugh!


To a young speaker Thomas Corwin, the Congressman, gave this advice:

“Never make people laugh. If you would succeed in life you must be solemn, solemn as an ass. All the great monuments are built over solemn asses.”