Psychic Wonder Wolf Messing Met Sri Sathya Sai Baba Thrice: Baba’s Revealation! (Post No.3668)

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Date: 25 February 2017


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by S.Nagarajan



The famous psychic Wolf Messing (Birth 10-9-1899; Death 8-11-1974) was born in a small village Gora Kaiwarida near Warsaw.

Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder have written about him in their famous book “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain”.

The Divine personality Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India has also mentioned about him in his speech.

Sai Baba was born on 23rd November 1926 and attained Maha Samadhi on 24th April 2011.



I was present in the Prasanthi Nilayam auditorium on 22-11-1980 when the famous incident was revealed by him about Messing.

It was 1937. Baba was at Kamanapur in Cuddappa District of Andhra Pradesh. One day, while he was with his friends near the railway station one person came running towards him. It was Messing. He took Baba in his arms and uttered the words, “I am so happy”.

He waited in front of Baba’s house for three days. And while leaving, He has written, ‘Here lives a Divine Person’, on the door.


The full incident as narrated by Baba could be read in Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 14, chapter 57.

On 31st August 2002 Baba in his speech revealed more about Messing’s visits to him.

Messing visited India again with a Kirlian camera which was capable of taking photographs of the aura around human beings.

On knowing that Baba was in Bangalore he came straight to Bangalore and met the Principal Narendra.

He told him that Baba was a divine person. He is verily God. Seeing his physical form everybody is deluded.


He wanted to see the aura of the divine personality.

He clicked his camera and was able to see the entire place was permeated with light.

Baba’s body was engulfed in white light which symbolizes purity. Narendra also had seen the photo.

He met Baba there. In the evening there was a meeting in which teachers and students were participated. On seeing Baba he said, “You are My everything.” He spoke to the students also.



He stayed there for ten days and Bana taught all that had to be taught.

Messing left Bangalore. Narendra had received a letter from him after a few days. The letter informed him that he was working for God.

One day Narendra expressed some doubts and Baba was clarifying them. Suddenly Messing arrived there. How he came there was a mystery. He came, He met Baba and suddenly disappeared. It was not possible for all to see this.

Baba said that divinity is highly mysterious.



Thus we come to know that the great psychic wonder visited Baba at least three times in his life time and through him we are assured the divinity of Baba.

Full details could be read from Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 35, chapter 16.

The famous incidents of Messing with Gandhi, Stalin, Einstein are all very interesting which is a subject for a separate article.

He has written an auto biography also.


Baffling Questions and Beautiful Answers in Spirituality — Part V

baba president

Former President of India Abdula kalam with Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Compiled by S NAGARAJAN

Date: 21 April 2015; Post No: 1816

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By Santhanam Nagarajan

Here is a new Question – Answer series for the benefit of all.

From time to time we have baffling questions.  But there is nobody to answer them.

But here is an effort to compile the answers from the great scholars, sages and saints of India. Some beautiful answers are found in the ancient Hindu epics and scriptures.  This is an effort to compile them.  This is in continuation of the earlier article.

10) Why should one Meditate and recite God’s names?

By Dhyana (Meditation) you develop Jnana (Spiritual wisdom) and by Japam (recitation of God’s name) you develop Bhakthi (devotion) and by both, you cleanse your heart of the canker of ego. You can link yourselves with God, by a chain of love, through the recitation of the name, in silence and with full awareness of the meaning and its nuances. Each Sai ram, Hare Krishna, Hare Ram, or Vittal is a link; the more the links the longer the chain, the firmer the bond.  But each link has to be well forged out of well- tempered steel.  One false link, that is to say, the Name once uttered in sloth or slight, indifference or anger, resentment or rancor, will constitute a weak link and the bond will not bind!

-Sri Sathya Saibaba in Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 11-Link by Link


Sri Sathya sai Baba

11) What is the significance of the story related to Christ’s birth?

The story says there was a Star in the sky, which fell with a New Light, and this led a few Tibetans and others to the place where the Savior was born. This story is read and taken on trust by many, though stars do not fall or even slide down so suddenly.  What the story signifies is this:  There was a huge halo or splendor illuminating the sky over the village when Christ was born.  This meant that He, who was to overcome the darkness of evil and ignorance, had taken birth that He will spread the Light of Love in the heart of man and councils of humanity.  Appearances of splendor and other signs to herald the era that has dawned are natural when incarnations happen on earth.  Jesus was to shatter the darkness that had enveloped the world and the aura of light was a sign that announced the event.  The Masters arrive in answer to man’s prayer, “Thamaso maa jyothir gamaya” (Lead us from darkness unto Light!)

-Sri Sathya Saibaba in Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 11-He whom Christ announced


10) Why should one Meditate and recite God’s names? 11) What is the significance