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 Date: 23 SEPTEMBER 2019

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On 6th September 2019, I visited Sri Skandashramam Temple in Selaiyur, Chennai-73

The temple is situated near busy roads of East Tambaram. But inside the temple one could see a serene atmosphere. When I went there,  ladies were reciting slokas in the Bhuvaneshwari shrine. Since photography inside the temple is prohibited, I bought two books and reproduce some pictures here from the books. For some reason Sri Shanthanantha of Pudukkottai installed unusual and huge idols in two or three places in Tamil Nadu. He installed peaceful Bhuvaneswari idol along with the ferocious Ugra Prathyankara Devi and Sri Sarabeswarar. The reason for this, I believe, is to protect Hinduism and India from ‘adharmic’ (anti social, anti religious) forces. Because he used to tell us that he was doing all the Yajnas for the welfare of the society. Since Swamiji Krishna of Ayakkudi (Tenkasi), told us that he had seen him doing Tapas deep inside forest we believed in him completely.

Our family was associated with Sri Santhanantha from his early pubic appearance. When he organised Sahasra Chandi Mahayajnam in Pudukkottai, for the welfare of the world in 1963, my father and News Editor Sri V Santanam gave huge publicity in Dinamani News paper. I and my brother were students at the time and we ran the book shop at Adi Vethi of Sri Meenakshi Sundareswara Temple, Madurai where Sri Anantha Rama Deekshitar was doing Ramayana Upanyasa/discourse to raise funds for the Yajna. If I remember correct it was done for 40 days.

Whenever Sri Santhananda Swamigal visited Madurai, he used to visit my father and had Bikshai at our house. He was very tall and had rolling matted locks. He looked like a Vedic Rishi. His hair used to touch the ground. His cheeks were rosy like a young woman. He had Tejas (divine light, fire and brightness)  in his face. I have met so many matted lock swamijis, but I have never seen any one with such Tejas.

In his early days, he took three handful of food only. When my mother cooked all sorts of delicious dishes he just asked her to mix all together and give only three handful of food. When my mother did thi,s tears rolled down her cheeks. When she came out of the kitchen she told us that in spite of her serious , laborious, careful cooking, he just had thee handfuls only. He did mantra Upadesa to us. I met him again when I went to India in 2000 or 2001. Since he was very ill at that time he came out for a minute and accepted my pranams and offerings.

Since I visited Bhuvaneswari temple then, I made it a point to visit Skandashramam Temple in Chennai this time.

Following pictures will show what he established in Pudukkottai and Selaiyur, Chennai.

Full address of Selaiyur Temple

Chennai Om Sri Skandashramam

Kambar street,

Mahalakshmi Nagar,

Selaiyur post

Chennai – 600 073

Tel. 2229 0134, 2229 3388, 9444629570

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