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Date: 22 November 2018

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Turmeric is a medicinal plant. Turmeric powder has got anti- bacterial properties. Food made with turmeric powder don’t go off quickly. Turmeric was applied on wounds to cure it. Hindu women apply raw turmeric paste on their faces during their bath. This will prevent unwanted hair growth on their faces. In the olden days scholars praised turmeric as one of the auspicious symbols.

Nowadays we believe whatever published in a science journal though the same thing is contradicted  the very next week. ‘A coffee a Day keeps doctor Away’— they publish one story one week. The very next week you read ‘A coffee a day will take you near the grave’. We never go into the details of such research articles, but simply believe them.

In the olden days, scholars attributed all the rules to God so that people wouldn’t challenge them. Turmeric is also given such a holy status due to its medical properties.

Here are some interesting Slokas/couplets on the theme:-
Yadgrham rajate nityam mangalairalepanaihi
Tadgrhe vasate Lakshmihi nityam purnakalanvita

Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth, resides in full, in the house where a woman cleans the house and decorates it with Kolam or Rangoli.

One more sloka adds Lakshmi resides where there is no fight between husband and wife.
Yadgrhe kalaho nasti pujyante yadgrhestithaha
Tadgrhe vasate Lakshmiihi nityam purnakalanvita


Married Hindu women are expected to present themselves with auspicious symbols on their faces. The couplets below say that it will increase the life span of their husbands. Now we know tensions can trigger cancer, increase heart attacks and blood pressure. If one of the partners can help in reducing the tension it will naturally help them to live longer. Here are two couplets which describe the auspicious symbols of a woman
Haridra kumkumam chaiva sinduam kajjalam tada
Kurpasakam ca tambulam mangalyabaranai tada

Kesa samskara kabari karakarnadibhushanam
Bharturayushya micchanti dushayenna pativrata

The symbols or the decorations that will help a husband are
Bathing with turmeric paste
Wearing Kunkum and Sinduram
Wearing blouse

applying kohl (black pigment) to eyes
Having supari, betel nuts
Adorning hands, nose, ear with ornaments
Hair do
These are considered good for husband’s life.
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