Sand Storms destroyed Two Tamil Towns!

sandstorm05 (1)Arizona

Sand storm in Arizona, USA

London Swaminathan
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I have already written several posts about the power of curses and boons. I wrote about the fire and rain created by Kannaki, Paattinathadikal, Adi Shankara, Tansen and Muthuswami Dikshitar. I have also explained in one of the posts about spontaneous combustion in which Thiru Gnana Sambandhar, Tiruppanalvar, Nandhanar, Ramalinga Swamikal, Andal and other Hindu saints disappeared without any trace. Now I give two stories about sand storms destroying two ancient Tamil towns by the curses of poets and saints.

Uraiyur, now part of Trichy in Tamil Nadu, was the ancient capital of early Chozas. They ruled from Uraiyur 2000 years ago. We have very clear references in Sangam Tamil literature. This city was famous for its court of justice. I have explained in one of my posts, why even today British judiciary wearing white wigs following the great Tamil Choza king Karikalan. Uraiyur became more famous because of this ‘white wig’ incident.

Uraiyur also became famous because of a cock attacking the Royal elephant. The king felt that this soil must have some magical qualities to give such courage to a cock to attack the elephant. He created a city in that place and made it his capital and named it Koziyur meaning the city of cock. This incident also was referred to in Tamil epics and later literature.

sandstorm07 (1)Texas
Sand storm in Texas, USA

Sand Storm in Uraiyur

Once upon a time a Choza king named Parantakan was ruling from Uraiyur. At that time a saint known as Sarama Munivar had a beautiful garden with chrysanthemum flowers. He used to offer it to Lord Shiva every day. A servant named Mavalan stole the flowers every day and gave them to the king. The king never stopped him stealing, even though he knew it was stolen goods.

When Sarama munivar came to know this theft, he was furious. His anger brought a big sand storm to the town and destroyed it with the king. The king and the town got buried under the sand. This legend was spread by word of mouth.

Since Parantakan is a general Sanskrit title which several kings bore, we never knew the period of his rule. Though archaeological excavations were done, we did not have any clear proof for this incident. Hindus believe that saints anger can bring down kingdoms. Tamil Veda Tirukkural also (264, 269,894,898,899) stresses this.

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Sand storm in Australia

Poet’s Anger destroyed a town

Poet Kalamegam was famous for his poems with pun and irony. He lived in the fifteenth century. When he went to Thirumalairayan Pattinam, local poets clashed with him. They challenged him on various counts but he answered all their questions. But the local king was partial and gave all the credits to local poets. Kalamegam was very angry. He composed two songs in which he prayed for the destruction of evil people. As soon as he recited both the verses a big sand storm struck at the town and engulfed it in the sand.
Tamils believe that a certain genre of poems can kill people. They believed in word power. Like the Sanskrit mantras, Tamil poems also produced several miracles. Particularly the life history of Nayanmars and Alvars (Tamil Saivite and Vaishnavite saints) are full of anecdotes where even Gods obey the words of their devotees.

I have given the full Tamil verses in my Tamil post.


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Sand Storm in Sudan, Africa.